Someone once told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.

Post #244 where I inform y’all I’ve started a new blog. Except this one is a lot more better than the last #243.

It all started with Michael Jackson.

Researching him, that is.

You see, I have always had Michael Jackson painted in my head as this bad, crazy nuthead. I don’t know why. I grew up in the decade before his death, when he was at his worst. All I remembered was this pasty guy with long black hair who eventually died of overdosing on drugs.

Occasionally I’d hear something about him. Usually it’s about his weird cosmetics. But whenever I did hear something about him, it was mockingly said.

The other night, I began thinking. I’ve always had this “What if there’s more to the story?” mentality, so I began researching Michael Jackson. And I learned some interesting things. A few of those being that Michael Jackson had a HORRIBLE childhood, and that it was what gave him is excessive love for children. A lot of his life was devoted to helping children grow up with a better life than he’d had. That pasty skin? Vitiligo, a skin disease that lightens your skin over time in splotches. The complete pasty color came from the makeup he had to use to even out his skin tone.

And that’s just a couple of the things I found.

Then I got to thinking, why does the world always view celebrities as these horrible, moral-less people? Why to the tabloids never talk about anything good that they do?

So I started a blog.

It’s called Find The Good in Hollywood, and it’s dedicated to bringing out the best in celebrities so that people can see that everyone is capable of doing good, regardless of the fact that it never makes the front page or that they’ve made other mistakes. So everyday, I’m posting something that  a celebrity did that was good.

We’ve ALL made mistakes. But we don’t expect people to remember us by what wrong we did, do we? I mean, I don’t want to be remembered for arguing with my parents or being short with my brothers. We want to be remembered for the good we did, however little it was.

Because the good is far better than the bad.

“Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.”
1 Corinthians 13:6 

So spread the word! Go follow it, Facebook it, blog it, tweet it…something.



The end.


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I’ve been tagged! Buuuuut I’m changing it up a bit. Mostly because I’m kind of a loser and don’t have 77 pages of manuscript.

Hello my sweet quidnuncks.

My awesome friend, Katy, tagged me about a week ago. The rules went something like this:

1. Go to page 77 of your manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy the next 7 lines/paragraphs.
4. Tag 7 other writers to do the same.

But the thing is…I haven’t written since last July.

Yeah it’s pretty much totally sad.

I just realized that I didn’t work well alone when it came to writing.

Or, umm, anything.

I don’t work well alone.


So I kind of shoved that onto a shelf in the back of my closet.

Ha, no not really. The manuscript for the book my previously mentioned awesome friend and I were writing is actually in a drawer in my dresser.


So instead, I am bringing back the seventh draft that I never posted from my blog.

Dun dun dun DUN!

Sorry Katy. I hope this is okay.

I started writing this post back in 2009 after I returned from a Thanksgiving camping trip with our church and friends.

Here goes nothing!


My Camping Trip
It was incredibly incredible, to put it mildly. Okay, let me not get carried away with myself. :)
First of all I guess I’d better tell you what and who were going.
It was a 4 day camping trip at St. Andrews state park in Panama City, Fl. Our spot was at the edge of the beach, it was really cool. We went with a huge group of almost 60 people. My great friends; Victoria, Spencer, and Sarah, and their awesome families were all there, and I met their friends and made good friends with them. We were always together, Sarah and I arm-in-arm for most of it, even through football. ;)
My family stayed in a trailer, but I slept with my friends – Victoria, Sarah, and Bethany – after the first night in their tent.(I asked too late the first night) It was cold the first night, and a certain lovely friend of mine drank hot chocolate a bit too late and had to go to the bathroom twice, so Sarah and I had to go with her. It was, to put it mildy, cold. I think our friendship strenghtened that night. :)
Well, I guess first of all I should get some pictures up here.
Well, there are some pictures, but I figured I should save some for the end. :)
Well, we all already know Victoria, she’s really cool and sweet. And Spencer…I’d rather not go into that subject. Sarah, goofy. I’ll probably get it for putting up that picture of her. And Joshua; he’s new, a friend of Sarah’s from school.  She introduced him to me. He’s a normal guy, maybe a little wackier than most…and he’s riding a pink bike. That alone is a warning sign.
All of our mornings started with

Y’all should be proud of me for not going through and changing half of what I said. I can’t believe how much my writing has progressed in the past three years. And…yeah.


I’m quite sad I never finished this post, but the memory is still quite alive in my memory. All the silly, quirky things that happened during the trip are coming to mind as I write this. Such great memories!

Anyway, that’s that! I actually don’t know any other writers besides she who tagged me so I won’t be tagging anyone, but I will be sending a great big shout out to Katy. Make sure to go check out her blog and follow her! She’s always pointing out great books and having fun giveaways!

Thanks Katy!


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I gots new pets, people. They’re pretty much awesome. Also, I call them Oliver and Stark.

Remember that post I wrote a lonnnng time ago in 2009? The 100 Things About Me? (P.S. That post is totally embarrassing now so don’t read it. Oh great, now you’re going to go read it. Thanks.)

Well, I’ve finally done it.


This is Stark and Oliver. They’re my new pets. Everybody in the family thinks they’re the coolest thing ever, especially, surprising us all, Jesse. He even asked to pet one and did it when I gave him the okay. He calls them Rabbits.

“Hey Rabbits! Come here! Aww look at da rabbits!”

What? No I don't like reading or music. What gave you that idea?

It’s very adorable.



This one is Oliver.


This one is Stark.

In case you couldn’t tell, they’re named after superheroes.

Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) and Tony Stark(Iron Man).

Lucy finds them to be quite cute, also.

They’re already quite at home and love climb all over me, especially Oliver who enjoys playing in my hair.

Anywho, these are them. They’re so cool! I’m very happy to have them added to my collection of animals. ;)

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A day in the life of me. Proceed with caution.

My awesome intefriend (that’s internet friend) wrote a post that totally was awesome so I asked if I could copy her told her I was going to copy her. And this is it. Picco’s was much more interesting so you should probably go read hers while you’re at it.

Here’s how my day went on


Alarm goes off. I slip out of bed, hit the snooze, and climb back into bed. I repeat this several times.

Actually got out of bed. It takes me a while, okay people?

Sat down with brothers to eat breakfast. It was oatmeal. Yay. Actually, I didn’t even have oatmeal. I had a breakfast drink thing so whatever yucky oatmeal.

Watched an episode of How It’s Made with Dad and the boys. Decide that I never ever in a million years will have lasik eye surgery.

Decide to go running as scheduled.

Went running.

Returned from running and took shower.

I grabbed my guitar and sat down at my piano. I alternated practicing piano and guitar and singing.

Watched Toby’s previous daily vlog that I’d forgotten to watch the day before. Proceeded to laugh immensely.  Why does that guy have to be so stinking funny?

Researched rats as pets, as I am very likely getting two of my own within a few days. It will be awesome, y’all. Just you wait.

Argued with a bunch of teenagers over the interwebs. Sometimes people can drive me crazy. >_>

Started lunch. Macaroni and cheese was on the menu, much to the boy’s pleasure.

Ate lunch.

Taught myself a new song on piano.

Ate one red skittle. (best part of the day)

Fed the crawdad.

Did random stuff on the computer. Mostly posting about a quiz I made and roaming around Pinterest.

Drove Gabe and Dad to the Dollar Tree and fabric store.

Got home and messed around on the piano some more until it it was time to make dinner. As you can see, music runs through my blood just a bit.

Sat down as a family and ate Taco Salad for dinner. YUM.

Watched Toby’s vlog of the day. Realized: high-fiving cameras is so awesome.

Browsed Netflix looking for something interesting to watch. The other day I was so bored I watched a TV Disney movie. I was ready for something more interesting.

Saw North & South and remembered how great that movie was and that I should watch it again. Later.

Saw cover of Vampire Diaries TV show. Decided that I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

I went to Hulu instead and started watching the first episode of Master Chef, which I’d never seen before. I was bored after like 20 seconds. As you can tell, my attention span is incredibly long.

Decided to watch Food Network Star instead.

Started an episode of Touch. That show is so awesome…just saying.

Finished show. Closed laptop and went to brush teeth.

Started Bible study.

Turned out lights.

Made an 80′s playlist for my phone so that ELO and Journey could mingle and become acquainted with REO Speedwagon and such.

Fell asleep.


And there you have it. A glimpse of my average day.

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What do you know anyway?

Howdy quidnuncks. Just dropping a quick note to let you know that I have created a QUIZ! Yeah it’s awesome.


It’s asking random things about me. Don’t worry, all of the answers can be found somewhere on my blog or Pinterest so it’s fair to the people who don’t know me in person.

So go here and see how much you know. How faithful of a follower are you?


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The One Direction Ten. Also 5 things they could do to get me to actually like them. Maybe.

So I’ve seen a couple of these guy’s music videos. I’ve seen them all over the internet.

I have no idea what has happened to this world. But they’ve lost all good judgement. I even tried to give them a chance, honest.  There is one song that is pretty catchy, even I’ll admit, and that’s their lead single, That’s What Makes You Beautiful. But even still, it is so cheesy and girly. Even so, I actually don’t mind that song.

But I still don’t like y’all.

Sorry One Direction fans.

I have yet to be convinced.

Here are ten things about One Direction that I’ve been able to gather.

1. Bad hair.

Seriously. Harry, above, usually has some crazy hair style going on that you know has to have at least one can’s worth of hairspray in it to make it stay the way it is. The rest of them go anywhere from mohawks to Justin Bieber, which I will get to. The only one who has even somewhat normal hair is Niall. Or Niell. What ever his name is.

The blonde one. And even he usually has some weird messy do going on.

Moving on.

2. Boy Band.

When did these even come back into existence? Remember Backstreet Boys? N’Sync? Jonas Brothers? Obviously their legacy didn’t last that long. Why are they trying again?

3. Beatles Wanna-Be’s

I’m not even kidding when I say they are widely compared to The Beatles. “The New Beatles”


NO NO NO. That is just about the most insulting thing ever said about the Beatles ever.

The Beatles revolutionized the music world. They weren’t popular because they were good looking. They were popular because they were freaking AWESOME.

4. Backstreet Boys

I think I already made my point about this.

Niall is all like “Not bad.”

5. Bieber.

How many Justin Biebers can you find in this picture?

6. Bow Ties.

Okay the bow ties are actually pretty awesome.  That’s just about all they’ve got going for them.

7. British.

Ha I lied. They’ve got the British/Irishness going for them too. But that’s not enough.

8. Bears

9. Beets

10. Battlestar Gallactica


Okay so the last three things didn’t really have anything to do with One Direction.  Except some of them have hair that looks like they’ve been attacked by a bear. And they hold as much interest to me as a beet. And they don’t belong on this planet like the characters in Battlestar Galactica. YES! Call me awesome.

Now a letter to the dear band:

Dear One Direction,

I’m a teenage girl who has a few things she’d like to see changed about y’all.

  1. Stop singing girly songs. Seriously guys. Man up. Stop singing for insecure teenage girls. Also, if you’re going to sing a song about how insecure girls that don’t feel beautiful are really beautiful, you probably shouldn’t have the girl in your music video be extremely pretty. Kinda defeats the meaning, geniuses.
  2. DON’T wear skinny pants. I’ve got two words for you: STOP. IT. Men look so manly in skinny jeans, said no one EVER. So stop it.
  3. Stop doing your hair like that. Seriously it’s weird. Just do it normal like.
  4. Start making your songs not all the exact same. If you would actually add a little variety, that would be awesome. I got tired of hearing songs where you comfort insecure girls after like two songs.
  5. I know you have no control over this, but I’d love it if you weren’t so popular simply because you were cute. I wonder if y’all realize that you’re popularity would go down by about 98% if you weren’t so “good looking”. In fact, I’d bet quite the sum that by the time y’all are 25, you’ll be simply the band of yesterday that no one really remembers that well. Just like the Jonas Brothers.
Now Harry, Niall/Niell whatever your name is, Liam(I think is one of y’alls name), Zane, and Louis, it’s not that I hate you. I just really don’t like you that much. Mostly because of your fandom. Nothing personal. But squealing girls get on my nerves about 4 seconds before they start.
Best of luck and I hope you take my advice. Even though you probably won’t.
One of the few sane teenagers left on the planet
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Yesterday involved having a panic attack and learning that I’m pretty much a professional singer.

Yesterday we managed to find a time between the rain and thundering to take an hour or so trip to the beach to play in the sand. It was super windy and the beach had been labeled with a red flag so we decided just to play in the sand and bury each other.

And that’s where it all began…

Ya see, I’m claustrophobic. I don’t do caves, elevators(if possible to avoid), and even large crowds bother me.

I seemed to forget this and was first to volunteer to be buried. I was like “Awww yeaaaah this will be AWESOME.”

So Joe, Skylar, and I set to digging a deep hole for me to sit in. After about 15 or 20 minutes, we finally finished and I sat in down in it, my shoulders just reaching the top. My dad joined in as Joe and Skylar were like “Okay, go!” and started filling in the hole with me in it.

It has just covered my legs when I started feeling antcy. They were shoveling it in pretty fast, too, and it was up to my waist before I had time to mumble “I forgot I’m claustrophobic…”. I started to try to move to get out but by that time it was too heavy. I started to panic.

I have never felt such an urge to get out of something before. It was already almost even with the ground over my legs before I started shrieking “Get me out get me out GET ME OUT!” like a mad person. I was clawing at the sand, almost breaking my legs trying to bend them to get out.

Dramatic, right? Yeah. Apparently I get that way when being BURIED.

Dad realized I was seriously freaking out and started to try to pull me out but it was too heavily on me. Skylar and Joe started digging. After about a minute I was finally free and I shimmied out of there as fast as I could.

I will never ever ever do that again. Ever.

The hole was still deep enough so instead we buried Joe. That was pretty funny.

In fact, by the end of the trip all of the kids down to Sam had been buried. They all thought it was hilarious.

So after we got back home the boys and I decided to play some LEGO Rock Band. Gabe and Matthew were on guitar and I was doing vocals. I figured out that I’m pretty much a professional singer when I got 100% on Hard doing the song “So What” by Pink.

I’m going to be FAMOUS!

No, not really.

But maybe.


And that’s just how my day went.

Now to end this post with A Song and a Dance.

Anything from Downton Abbey is good.

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Kaitlynology has a mascot! Be excited, people. Be excited. Also spread the word. Make t-shirts. Do SOMETHING.

So I decided my blog needed a mascot. It doesn’t have one at the moment. Obviously. Some of you may remember the briefly incorporated Mira the Unicorn, but her stardom didn’t last long and it was time to make a new mascot. So I summoned my handy dandy personal professional artist…umm…I mean my friend down the street who happens to be magical with a pencil and asked him if he would mind doing a portrait of my beloved pet.

No I’m not talking about my Jack Russell. Sorry Jack, you just didn’t make the cut for blog mascot.


I asked him to draw a crawfish.


In case y’all don’trecall, I have a pet crawfish named Pepe Jacque LOL the First. I got him over Easter.

He’s pretty awesome.

So anyway, of course my handy dandy professio- err umm I mean Skylar, agreed to draw a crawfish for me. He did an awesome job and I was like “PERFECT!”. So I scanned it onto the computer and took it to Photoshop, knowing I wanted a cool cartoony look. And here’s the finished work!

Meet Kaitlynology’s new mascot. Yeah between Skylar and I awesomeness was achieved.

And with a new mascot comes a new blog button.

Yay! Pepe is very proud. He’s in his little tank throwing a party with all his friends. Ya know, the rocks and stuff.

So anyway, you’ll be seeing more of Pepe in future posts. Being he’s the new mascot and all.

And you can get this shirt. I know nobody will because all of y’all think this blog is lame and all but if one of you did…

Dang you’d probably make my year. Or decade. That would be so awesome.

In fact, if you buy this shirt I will totally send you something as a thank you prize. And it will be awesome.

Anyway. Still none of you are going to buy it but whatever.

Also, be expecting a lot more Pepe merch too. He’ll be a phenomenon across the globe before you know it.

Also, I taught myself how to tie a tie tonight. Why, I have no idea. But I guess when I have kids I’ll be able to teach them how to tie ties now.

And cue awkward ending.

{awkward ending}

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Just another normal day in which I wake up, make pancakes, go running, wait what?

So I started running.


This is only like the twelfth time I’ve been like “Yes I’m going to start running and it will be awesome and I will run every day and become epic.” and then it turns into “I am never doing this ever again ever.”

I don’t like running that much. Or at all. Yeah I just hate running. Usually.


Today I started the C25K program. A.K.A. Couch to 5K program. I like the acronym more because it does a better job of not making me feel bad for sitting inside practically all day and informing me that I really should get off my butt and get going.

Mom told me about it a while back but I was like “meh.”. I’ve tried running and I just am not a fan of it even a little. But I’ve heard great things about the C25K, and a while back I got the app for it for free so I decided that I am going to doing something with my day and run in the morning. This is pretty much how it went.

After waking up and hitting the snooze several times(I set my alarm 30 minutes early just so I can do that. Don’t judge me.), I rolled out of bed, eyes half open, and somehow made it downstairs without running into anything except the corner of the banister. I pulled out the pan and started making pancakes for the boys, drinking my morning protein drink thingie as I mixed the batter together. Then I remembered. I had decided I’d try the C25K the night before.  I proceeded to have an argument with myself.

“No, I’m too tired.”

“Shut up loser. You’re such a loser. Stop being a loser. Go run.”

“Maybe tomorrow…”

“SHUT UP. You are so running today.”

“What if it’s too hot…”

“If you don’t get out there and run, you will bring disgrace to your family and your friends and you will be looked upon as the loseryiest loser to ever losify and while you think about that you can also remember that everyone else out there who actually got out and ran like the awesome people they are are totally lapping you as you sit there.”

“FINE I’ll do it. Whatever. Just leave me alone.”

So after placing the pancakes on the table, I lazily pouted my way up the stairs preserved energy for my run by going up the stairs slowly and changed into something fit for running in. And then while stretching I put together a playlist of fast-beat, inspiring songs to listen to. Like Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz. I thought that would be a good mood elevating, encouraging song. Oh wait…

Any way, I finally made it out the door at like 7:45. The app told me to walk briskly for 5 minutes to warm up in it’s robot-y voice. So I did. I made it to the beach right as it was saying “Good warm up. Now run.”

And I was like “Yes ma’am, Ms. Robot.” So I ran. I had to do it for a whole MINUTE before it told me “Good jog. Now walk.”

Then I did that for a minute and a half until it told me to run again. I’m pretty sure all the people exercising at the beach were like “What the heck is she doing? Why is she running and then walking then running then walking over and over and OVER again?”

I did that for 20 minutes then I had to do another 5 minute walk for a cool down.

I’ll be honest and say that by the last run I was like “Okay. I’m tired. Make it stop.” But I actually didn’t mind running on the beach. And when I got home, I felt energized,  ready to tackle whatever came my way.

AND I felt fit. Immediately upon returning, I felt awesome because I was done because I had run.

But the best feeling was success. I’d done it! Yay!

And now, I really want to run again. Like seriously. It’s creepy.


There’s only one problem, if it can even be called a problem,  as far as I can see.

I run too fast.

You know how most people have problems with running to slow? Hence that famous quote, “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.”. Not me. No. I’m running fast. I try to slow down and I almost trip over myself.

What’s wrong with running fast, you may ask. Well. I GET STINKIN’ TIRED FASTER.

But I suppose that by the end of this nine week C25K thing, I’ll just have adapted to my needed fast speed.

I’ll be keeping y’all updated. That way,  ya know, I don’t stop. Don’t let me quit, people. Unless I, like, break a leg or something. We’ll just not plan on that happening.

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This is a love worth fighting for. Worth dying for. Worth blogging about. CALM DOWN, people; I’m talking about food.

Yeah that's a sad picture. I can take portraits like a boss(ish), but put me near food and I stink at it. Especially when using my phone.

So the other day I was glancing around on one of my favorite food blogs and came across this amazing recipe. The title instantly drew me in. I mean, how does on resist looking into a recipe called Jalepeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese.

Uh, hello? That sounds like heaven, it does.

So I did it. I spent two hours making this dish last night.

And the time was worth it. Oh, was it worth it. Ohhhh yes it was.

It was definitely one of the best things I’d ever put in my mouth. On a rating of 1-10, Joe gave it a 9, Gabe gave it a 9 1/2, Matthew gave it a 100, and Ben, Sam, and Jesse all loved it.

You could taste all of the flavors so well…it was amazing.

I would definitely make it again.

And totally will.

You can find the recipe here!

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