Ok, I’m re-writing my 100 weird, interesting, and perhaps quirky things about me because as you know, people change…so here’s an update

  1. I have 6 brothers.
  2. I’m the oldest child in my family.
  3. I’m the only girl.
  4. I have my own dog, a Jack Russell.
  5. I think that Ranch in mashed potatoes is good.
  6. Batman is totally sweet-awesome.
  7. I’ve played piano since I was 10.
  8. I’m not a huge fan of video games…unless of course I’m playing them.
  9. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, except naked mole rats.
  10. I can’t decide who my best friend is, so I have many.
  11. I’m very talkative. Don’t believe me? Ask my friends.
  12. I love going to church.
  13. I think that the pastor of the church we are going to now is the best preacher I’ve ever heard.
  14. I can’t wait to get married, and I have big, big plans.
  15. I want to live in Florida forever. No really.
  16. I really want a Orange Mini Cooper.
  17. I’ve always wanted blue eyes.
  18. I have long, blond hair.
  19. I’ve wanted a rat since January 31, 2009
  20. I used to wear glasses, but haven’t for about 6 years.
  21. I’m 14, and am almost in the 10th grade.
  22. After taking a test, I found that I am only 22% girly.
  23. My dad is in flight school right now.
  24. Horses are cool. Way, cool.
  25. I have a electric Guitar.
  26. I’ve always wanted the person I marry to call me Kaity-Girl…don’t ask me why, ’cause I have no idea.
  27. I love taking pictures.
  28. Black and White pictures are my favorite.
  29. My middle name is Elizabeth.
  30. My favorite number is 7.
  31. I love chocolate.
  32. I belong in the south. Definetly.
  33. I don’t like snow. I despise it, in fact.
  34. I’ve never broken any part of my body.
  35. Never had stitches.
  36. I’m sure that now I’ve said that I will break something.
  37. I’m going to get braces.
  38. My nickname is “the kid”.
  39. I love the color orange. L-O-V-E I-T.
  40. I plan on having lots of pets, my poor future husband.
  41. Converse rock.
  42. My favorite meal is Beef Stroganoff.
  43. I love listening to music.
  44. I am VERY hesitant about spending money.
  45. I babysit a lot.
  46. World War 2 is my favorite thing to learn about, besides animals.
  47. I love to read…a lot…and I’m fast…really.
  48. I’m learning Sign Language at the moment.
  49. I really want a Wired-haired Visla.
  50. Jesus is my Hero.
  51. My favorite band is Casting Crowns.
  52. I can’t decide on a favorite song.
  53. I don’t like the beach, yet I love Florida.
  54. The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies, but The Village is my all time fav.
  55. The greatest romance story I’ve ever seen in a movie was “The Village”
  56. I think it would be cool to live like the Amish,
  57. I love to swing on a swing set for some reason.
  58. It would be cool if I had freckles.
  59. I have amber, not brown, eyes.
  60. I wouldn’t choose to marry someone who’s in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Army, yet of course I would if I was in love.
  61. I’ve always said, since I was like 7, that I’ll marry someone who lives on a ranch, and breeds horses for me, and goats for my mom. Now, he has to live in Florida too.
  62. I think that the most romantic setting is at a lake at about 10:05pm, sitting on a wodden bench where trees can be seen on the other side.
  63. I am very strict about the fact that I will be courted.
  64. I don’t like moving.
  65. I love to shop at Christian Books.com.
  66. Janette Oke is my favorite author.
  67. My favorite animal is the Burrowing Owl.
  68. I only like hot dogs when they have ketchup smothered all over them.
  69. I want to be a Stay at Home Mom when I am older.
  70. I have my own Laptop.
  71. I love learning things about people.
  72. I love dogs.
  73. It would be fun to have a bird.
  74. I love the smell of rain.
  75. I hate laundry, but somebodys got to do it. That’s why God gave us siblings.
  76. Dishes are lame. Everybody should use paper plates.
  77. My favorite candle scent is Birthday Cake. Yes, it’s a real scent.
  78. I collect spoons.
  79. Hay smells good.
  80. I can’t wait to fall in love.
  81. I had memorized the book “Are you my mother” by the time I turned 3.
  82. I was born on January 28, 1995
  83. I have a friend who’s 364 days younger then me, being born on January 27, 1994
  84. I am SO ready to be done with this.
  85. I’m enjoying the summer.
  86. Winter is like a hollow pile of Bologna…what ever that means.
  87. I very much enjoy Mac ‘n’ Cheese.
  88. I love to get e-mails.
  89. I wish I had a horse. A painted mare, in fact.
  90. One of my closest friends is a smart alick and wears glasses.
  91. My favorite kind of jewelry to wear are rings.
  92. I usually listen to Christian music.
  94. I have 4 green Anole Lizards that I caught myself…in my backyard!
  95. I could look at the stars forever.
  96. I hate weeding.
  97. I have a 4 month old brother.
  98. I’ve been to Waffle House in Pj’s.
  99. I love cooking.
  100. My favorite thing to do is have fun.

Well, there’s a hundred!!!! I encourage you to write 100 things about you!! If you do, please leave me the link so I can see, but if not, leave a few interesting things about you in my comments!

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