Yesterday we managed to find a time between the rain and thundering to take an hour or so trip to the beach to play in the sand. It was super windy and the beach had been labeled with a red flag so we decided just to play in the sand and bury each other.

And that’s where it all began…

Ya see, I’m claustrophobic. I don’t do caves, elevators(if possible to avoid), and even large crowds bother me.

I seemed to forget this and was first to volunteer to be buried. I was like “Awww yeaaaah this will be AWESOME.”

So Joe, Skylar, and I set to digging a deep hole for me to sit in. After about 15 or 20 minutes, we finally finished and I sat in down in it, my shoulders just reaching the top. My dad joined in as Joe and Skylar were like “Okay, go!” and started filling in the hole with me in it.

It has just covered my legs when I started feeling antcy. They were shoveling it in pretty fast, too, and it was up to my waist before I had time to mumble “I forgot I’m claustrophobic…”. I started to try to move to get out but by that time it was too heavy. I started to panic.

I have never felt such an urge to get out of something before. It was already almost even with the ground over my legs before I started shrieking “Get me out get me out GET ME OUT!” like a mad person. I was clawing at the sand, almost breaking my legs trying to bend them to get out.

Dramatic, right? Yeah. Apparently I get that way when being BURIED.

Dad realized I was seriously freaking out and started to try to pull me out but it was too heavily on me. Skylar and Joe started digging. After about a minute I was finally free and I shimmied out of there as fast as I could.

I will never ever ever do that again. Ever.

The hole was still deep enough so instead we buried Joe. That was pretty funny.

In fact, by the end of the trip all of the kids down to Sam had been buried. They all thought it was hilarious.

So after we got back home the boys and I decided to play some LEGO Rock Band. Gabe and Matthew were on guitar and I was doing vocals. I figured out that I’m pretty much a professional singer when I got 100% on Hard doing the song “So What” by Pink.

I’m going to be FAMOUS!

No, not really.

But maybe.


And that’s just how my day went.

Now to end this post with A Song and a Dance.

Anything from Downton Abbey is good.

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