Apparently there’s some A-Z thing going on this month where bloggers are planning on every day writing about something that starts with that letter all the way from A-Z. I’m late obviously because it’s April 3rd but whatever. I’m starting now so deal with it.


A is for A…

Hmm. Well that didn’t go very well. I’m just sitting here typing trying to figure out what to post about that begins with A.

Or more accurately, how I can take a word that starts with A and incorporate it into the story I want to tell about my brother, oh my sweet darling little brother, who walked into the kitchen while I was making pancakes this morning holding by the tail in each hand two very dead goldfish, asking me if I wanted to give them to my pet crawfish, Pepe Jacque LOL the First. He didn’t say his whole name but I didn’t even notice at the time because I was too busy screaming “WHAT THE HECK GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF MY KITCHEN”.

Then he dropped one on the floor by accident.

There was some major facepalming going on.

It was atrocious.

AHA! Atrocious. A is for Atrociousness in my kitchen this morning.


If you were there, you would have thought it was inhumane too, people.

Not to the fish of course.

But to me.

I mean, the fish was already dead. Can’t be too inhumane towards it after that point.

The end! I guess I’ll be back tomorrow with B.

If you’re lucky.

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