So I started running.


This is only like the twelfth time I’ve been like “Yes I’m going to start running and it will be awesome and I will run every day and become epic.” and then it turns into “I am never doing this ever again ever.”

I don’t like running that much. Or at all. Yeah I just hate running. Usually.


Today I started the C25K program. A.K.A. Couch to 5K program. I like the acronym more because it does a better job of not making me feel bad for sitting inside practically all day and informing me that I really should get off my butt and get going.

Mom told me about it a while back but I was like “meh.”. I’ve tried running and I just am not a fan of it even a little. But I’ve heard great things about the C25K, and a while back I got the app for it for free so I decided that I am going to doing something with my day and run in the morning. This is pretty much how it went.

After waking up and hitting the snooze several times(I set my alarm 30 minutes early just so I can do that. Don’t judge me.), I rolled out of bed, eyes half open, and somehow made it downstairs without running into anything except the corner of the banister. I pulled out the pan and started making pancakes for the boys, drinking my morning protein drink thingie as I mixed the batter together. Then I remembered. I had decided I’d try the C25K the night before.  I proceeded to have an argument with myself.

“No, I’m too tired.”

“Shut up loser. You’re such a loser. Stop being a loser. Go run.”

“Maybe tomorrow…”

“SHUT UP. You are so running today.”

“What if it’s too hot…”

“If you don’t get out there and run, you will bring disgrace to your family and your friends and you will be looked upon as the loseryiest loser to ever losify and while you think about that you can also remember that everyone else out there who actually got out and ran like the awesome people they are are totally lapping you as you sit there.”

“FINE I’ll do it. Whatever. Just leave me alone.”

So after placing the pancakes on the table, I lazily pouted my way up the stairs preserved energy for my run by going up the stairs slowly and changed into something fit for running in. And then while stretching I put together a playlist of fast-beat, inspiring songs to listen to. Like Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz. I thought that would be a good mood elevating, encouraging song. Oh wait…

Any way, I finally made it out the door at like 7:45. The app told me to walk briskly for 5 minutes to warm up in it’s robot-y voice. So I did. I made it to the beach right as it was saying “Good warm up. Now run.”

And I was like “Yes ma’am, Ms. Robot.” So I ran. I had to do it for a whole MINUTE before it told me “Good jog. Now walk.”

Then I did that for a minute and a half until it told me to run again. I’m pretty sure all the people exercising at the beach were like “What the heck is she doing? Why is she running and then walking then running then walking over and over and OVER again?”

I did that for 20 minutes then I had to do another 5 minute walk for a cool down.

I’ll be honest and say that by the last run I was like “Okay. I’m tired. Make it stop.” But I actually didn’t mind running on the beach. And when I got home, I felt energized,  ready to tackle whatever came my way.

AND I felt fit. Immediately upon returning, I felt awesome because I was done because I had run.

But the best feeling was success. I’d done it! Yay!

And now, I really want to run again. Like seriously. It’s creepy.


There’s only one problem, if it can even be called a problem,  as far as I can see.

I run too fast.

You know how most people have problems with running to slow? Hence that famous quote, “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.”. Not me. No. I’m running fast. I try to slow down and I almost trip over myself.

What’s wrong with running fast, you may ask. Well. I GET STINKIN’ TIRED FASTER.

But I suppose that by the end of this nine week C25K thing, I’ll just have adapted to my needed fast speed.

I’ll be keeping y’all updated. That way,  ya know, I don’t stop. Don’t let me quit, people. Unless I, like, break a leg or something. We’ll just not plan on that happening.

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