Have you ever met two girs who are completely different when it comes to fashion sense but when it comes to food, they both will take Doritos, cookies, and a large bottle coke – and they both become ridiculously hyper on them? Did you ever see how they both have a habit of staying up until mid-morning watching movies, or sharing stories of the past, or reliving jokes of the day? Have you seen them attempt to dance civil war style dances across each other’s bedroom floor because they just love to dance and be dorks?
Well, if you have seen any of the above in two girls, those two girls would have to be, with no amount of doubt,  Victoria and me.


What about this? Have you ever seen two girls who are way overly obsessed with books…and writing….and texting…and chatting…and blogging….and talking…and laughing…and teasing…? Have you seen how they talk about just every subject under the sun, and how they never go more than a day without talking to one another? Did you see how they are so much alike, it’s creepy? Or how often they come up with the same idea at the EXACT same time — and nearly daily…so much that it’s eerie?  Or, perhaps, how they both have a ridiculous fascination with books and reviewing them…who could write together for hours into the night – and enjoy every moment of it? Who make ideas on a whim and hours later it’s taking flight?
…Two girls who laugh so often and can not believe how similar they are?
Those to girls are without a doubt Katy and me. No doubt.


What about two girls who are different as night and day, but still manage to be great friends? Two girls who confide in each other about problems in life? Two girls who can laugh at themselves and each other when in the middle of an argument? ;-) Or how they could be silly for hours without end?
That has got to be Lizzy and me.

Or how about those two girls who nearly never talk to each other in person; but realize that there is a lot similar about them when they text? Those two girls who are both the ones who enjoy being in the kitchen or taking care of one of the kids? Two girls who stayed close friends after the one girl moved?
Well that couldn’t be anyone but Jessica and me.


Have you ever seen a group of teens — all of them complete goofballs — always doing crazy stuff together? Who you usually find playing volleyball, or ultimate frisbee, or playing cards, or campaigning somewhere, or gathered around a fire? Have you seen how everyone of them is always smiling, teasing, laughing when together? Have you seen how they are always making senseless jokes that no one in their right mind unsterstands…explaining why they all do?
That is most definitely my group. Definitely.








Just in case you’ve seen any of the above and wonder what on earth was the world coming to.


That’s just friends and me.

No worries.


Never mind. You might want to worry.

Just a bit.

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