Someone once told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.

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So right now we’re on our way home for a few days. WHOOHOO! We haven’t been in 9 months(since my graduation) and I am SO excited to be going back home. We’ve got some fun stuff planned, starting with dinner at the Johnson’s house tonight before heading to our Pastor’s family’s house where we will [...]

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“Oh yeah, I vote yes!”

“Surprise! Happy birthday, Kait!”

“Ohmygosh! It’s a girl!”

“No Mom, not that far away.”

“Okay, just do a bunch of funny poses now.”

“Are we at Disney World yet?”
“No Mark.”
“Oh. What about now?”


“Can you believe it? We’re finally graduating.”

“…congratulate this year’s graduating class.”


“Hey boys, I need the floor cleaned.”


“Kids, we have [...]

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WOW. What an awesome Thanksgiving we had this year! Our amazing friends came over once again and we celebrated together in our own crazy fashion. After a depressing mishap that changed our original plans for this year’s turkey day, everything became happy again when Taylor and I managed to scheme and get our two families [...]

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Hello peeps. I’m not really sure what I’m blogging about. I just had nothing better to do, the internetz is slow, and this blog was calling my name. So…ta-da!
I just finished video chatting with two of my awesome friends, Chaise and Savanah. It’s was pretty awesome. I even got to hear Chaise introduce us to [...]

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So this past week has been completely awesome.
First off, I’m going through old seasons of The Office lately, so laughter can be heard coming from the spare bedroom, my hang out place, throughout the day.

And then something even more awesome happened.

Johnsons got here! Whoo, what a fun weekend we had with our amazing [...]

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So I haven’t posted a cool post here in a while. I’ve been busy, okay? But shoving all that aside, I thought I’d write something and get y’all all caught up. Sadly this will not include any of my amazing drawings. Okay maybe just one. BUT there will be pictures. Oh yes. There will be [...]

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Let me start out by saying that this was the best birthday ever. EVER. I considered it the best birthday ever from the moment I walked through the McCurdy’s front door and was bombarded by 9 voices shouting “Surprise!”.
I laughed as a laid eyes upon Victoria, Danny, Jessica, Becky, Josh, Julia, Anna Marie, Spencer, and [...]

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4 I Heart This

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Have you ever met two girs who are completely different when it comes to fashion sense but when it comes to food, they both will take Doritos, cookies, and a large bottle coke – and they both become ridiculously hyper on them? Did you ever see how they both have a habit of staying up [...]

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I am thankful for my amazing Savior, my goofy family, my sophisticated sister, my writing companion, my special friends, my hospitable Church family, my cute puppy, my yummy food, my warm house, my funny Sam H., my blessed life…all of these “mine” by the grace of our Lord God, and for that I am most [...]

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