Sophisticated me.

Normal me.


Kait is my sophisticated side(snort) which hardly ever shows itself(at least around the people who know me best). But Jane? That’s my crazy, quirky, most commonly appearing side.

These will help you know a little more about her.


Note: I want this so badly...if one of y'all gets it and sends it to me I will love you forever. And ever.


Note: I do this probably way too much but whatever. It's awesome.

Note: I only tried this a few times before my dog got bored. So I stopped. Now I just start running and yelling to see if he'll think I'm being chased.

Note: Sorry family members.

Note: I told my mom I would never move out if they gave me this room. Needless to say, they never gave it to me.

Note: True story.

Note: Yes.

Note: Tested. It works.

Note: I do this. No kidding. Skylar is all like "What the heck are you doing?" Usually I make weird noises while I do it. Because I'm being Kronk.

Note: I wish this was less true than it is because then I would ache less. But no. It's perfectly accurate.

And on a final note, I just put this up by our front door.

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