So as some of you may or may not know, I am a photographer. You can see a lot of my stuff on either my Flickr or my photography blog. I have never gotten to do an engagement shoot, though I DID get to be a secondary photography at my friend’s wedding a year and a half ago.

THAT was a lot of fun. And pretty crazy! It was a great experience though. I never really knew how much went into a wedding! From like 6am, they’d been getting ready. We got there to photograph her getting ready(above) about 4 or 5 hours before the wedding actually began. It was non-stop snapping from that point.

But that was a long time ago. I’ve learned a lot about photography since then and have gotten a new camera. I am DYING to do another wedding/engagement shoot. Especially since I’ve become a Pinterest addict and have gotten so much inspiration.

Seriously. I have two different friends getting married in the next two months(one of them this weekend) and I can’t be there for either of their weddings. And I’m all like “WHY?!”.

Mom says I should save all these ideas for my own engagement and weddings shoots so it’ll be the most awesome ever. But┬ámy wedding will be the best ever simply because all my awesome friends and family will be there and I’ll be marrying the most awesome dude on the planet. Plus┬áthose are not anywhere in the near future AND I’d rather be behind the camera. It’s more fun.

So now I just have to…wait.
Gosh I am always waiting it seems.
Does one ever get to the point where they aren’t waiting at all?
Probably not.

I’ll just have to convince my friends, Jess and Jacob, to let me do a shoot with them after the wedding.

Cause I just have a bajillion ideas.

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