This was definitely not the time that we broke their broom playing a game. And this definitely isn't him trying to straighten it with a hammer.

Okay so maybe he actually does know what it means because he knows what a lot of weird words like that mean but I had no idea so I’m going to tell you in case you didn’t. Though you probably did because you’re probably smarter than me and know words and how to do things like division, which I swear has no purpose but to destroy my life forever.


Indubitably. It means unquestionable.

The end.

Yeah that’s basically it. So I guess Skylar uses it right. But way too often so I think that totally makes him wrong again.

Plus he’s a guy so… yep he’s wrong.

You’re probably still confused about that whole division thing now, thinking “What de heck can she really not do dat?”

Umm. I probably could do some stupidly ridiculous horrific simple division problem but I’d hate every moment of it. I basically think that it’s the most horrible thing on the planet. Second maybe to war. Except war can sometimes be good.
But division, people, is NEVER good.

Sorry Future Husband, YOU are teaching the kids division. And algebra. And everything more complex than the alphabet.

I’m probably never going to find a husband.

Because I can’t do simple things like division.

Because division is evil.


P.S. For the record, I did actually get almost all A’s in math and successfully graduated highschool. So I can do it. Or could at one time. Kinda like algebra.

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