Ello blogaddicts. Today I am sick. As I was yesterday.
So that’s how my day has been. I woke up and made breakfast and then promptly went back to my sleeping chambers and passed out for two more hours.
And then I woke up and felt a little less dead.
Aside from my head feeling like it weighs weighing a trillion pounds, I’m doing okay now.
In fact, I’m at the beach.
Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not IN the water. The air may be warm but the ocean is still frightfully frigid.
No, I’m sitting in the sun, enjoying a spectacularly warm day.
Once it hits mid February, I’m completely done with all weather under 80 degrees until November.
Its March 2nd and a glorious 80 degrees.
I am happy.
And here at my own personal beach, my head does not feel quite as explodey.
In fact, I feel much better.
Thanks, beach!

On another note, my mother and I had this conversation right before I left for the beach.

Me: I’m going to need more shorts for this summer.

Mom: No.

Me: …you want me to die of heat stroke?

Mom: …*shrug* It’d make a great blog post.

You see what I live with people? My own mother, supporting the idea of me dying of heat stroke for a blog post.
Well mummzy, I hope all your hair falls out and that a unicorn eats you cause that would make a great blog post.
Take that MOM.
For all you people out there who actually CARE ABOUT ME and think I’m AWESOME and realize that without me your life would be very boring, I am happy to say I do not plan on pleasing my mother and dying of heat stroke this summer.
And for the majority of you who were actually looking forward to that mother of mine’s blog post; you need to get a rainbow and probably a life and maybe also some anti-meanie medication next time you’re out.
And that’s just all I have to say.

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