Someone once told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.

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So as some of you may or may not know, I am a photographer. You can see a lot of my stuff on either my Flickr or my photography blog. I have never gotten to do an engagement shoot, though I DID get to be a secondary photography at my friend’s wedding a year and [...]

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What am I doing right now? I am cleaning my room.
And not just cleaning , but really going through and decluttering and all that jazz.
Gosh, I hate doing this.
Okay, its not that bad. In between I’m playing Words With Friends(and totally kicking BUTT by the way) and, obviously blogging.
Yes JULIE I’m blogging on my gossip [...]

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I have a very strange sense of humor, as many of you may know from either a) knowing me or b) reading this blog enough.

Like, I seriously think that sometimes my parents are really like “Oh my gosh, honey. Where did we go wrong? She thinks this talking unicorn is hilarious. Why is she showing [...]

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What is the first thing you think of when you see this picture?
Princess Bride?
Cary Elwes?
Ella Enchanted?
If you thought of any of the above you are WRONG and not cool.

The first thing that should come to mind is “OHMYGOSH PIERRE DESPEREAUX!”
And then if you’re anything like me you’ll start jumping up and down and doing some [...]

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Ello blogaddicts. Today I am sick. As I was yesterday.
So that’s how my day has been. I woke up and made breakfast and then promptly went back to my sleeping chambers and passed out for two more hours.
And then I woke up [...]

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Hello my lovely quidnuncs. So nobody knows this story. Its about a week old now but I’ve kept it inside. Mostly because its completely ridiculous. Also I like avoiding being hit over the head with a hairbrush. I am successful at that when mummy doesn’t hear the story.
We’ll just hope mom never reads this blog.
So [...]

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Sooooo these are my eyes. They’re technically brown, though I often insist that they are amber and ringed with green(which is true, and I have pictures to prove it.) But yeah. They’re brown.

I’ve always had a fascination with blue eyes, though. My friend, Victoria, has eyes of the most beautiful color; I have always greatly [...]

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So yep. I got a perm again. Wee! Mom has stellar skillz and permed my hair for me once more because the curls were beginning to come loose. And that just doesn’t do. So we picked up a perm and after two hours of mind numbing pain…okay it wasn’t that bad…whalah! Curls have returned.

Mostly I [...]

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There are some things one just learns to do when growing up in a house of 10, and being the eldest of the 8 children in that large family. Some of the things are just plain weird. Others people wish they could do. And yet others seem impossible.

Among these things are:

Learning how to hit Ctrl, [...]

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“Oh yeah, I vote yes!”

“Surprise! Happy birthday, Kait!”

“Ohmygosh! It’s a girl!”

“No Mom, not that far away.”

“Okay, just do a bunch of funny poses now.”

“Are we at Disney World yet?”
“No Mark.”
“Oh. What about now?”


“Can you believe it? We’re finally graduating.”

“…congratulate this year’s graduating class.”


“Hey boys, I need the floor cleaned.”


“Kids, we have [...]

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