Well in the recent weeks that we’ve lived here( 2 weeks today), many interesting happenings have taken place.(you can read it summed up on my moms blog.
It’s been quite crazy, though surprisingly we have nothing going every day. For various reasons, we’ve been unable to attend the church we’ve had in mind to try, so we’ve just been hanging out at home. I am excited, though, because I am going up to South Carolina for a week to stay with my aunt and cousins in 5 days. I’m SO excited to see all of the famiy on my moms side: it’s been several years since i’ve seen them! They’re comig down saturday to get me. I cant wait!
We’re going over to visit Milton soon…I’m thinking maybe a week after I get home from sc, but no date has been set yet. It will be soon though! I can’t wait to see all of my awesome friends! Well, almost all of them.
Dad starts training again next week. That’ll be exciting for him I’ll bet! It’s been a while!
Oh; moms belly is getting bigger everyday, that is the baby inside is.;-) Only five more weeks and we can find out what it is and send it to our church, without is knowingthe results, so they can plan a baby shower accordingly and then when we go to it we’ll find out what it is by the way they decorate and buy stuff! I myself would rather just find out, but I think my mom enjoys putting me through harmless agony. :-p Golly last time they knew what Jesse was the whole time and neverold me! Lol

I recently finished a book recommend by a friend of mine. “Adam” by Ted Dekker was VERY good, and I also recommend it to readers who enjoyed “Piercing the Darkness” by Frank Peretti and “Thr3e” by Ted Dekker. You can read a review on it here.

Well other than that, not much is going on. I’ll be posting pictures from my trip to sc when I get back. Adios for now!

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