You were amazing. The perfect town, in fact. I wasn’t excited about moving to you. I wasn’t devastated either, but it definitely wasn’t on my top ten places I want to live. Or even close. How is it that now, I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else? I am blessed to have lived in you for the 2 years I did.

Perhaps it isn’t you that I love so much, but the people who dwell in you. I mean, you’re an awesome town and all that, but what made you awesome? It certainly wasn’t the scenery, or the wildlife, or the attractions. No. It was the people that made you so great. Do you realize what special people live within you?
Do you realize how many memories took place in the midst of your city limits? Or the laughter that abounded under the roofs of your houses? Or the jokes that were made in your lawns?

You are blessed, Milton. Amazing.

You are home.

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