The weather here in Jacksonville has been retarded lately.

It has been hopping from 70 to 50 degrees overnight, not exaggerating. I swear the weathermen are just throwing random numbers into the forecast because they’re predictions are completely inaccurate every single day. I seriously have no idea how to dress for the day until I actually step outside.

Now only that, but we have pollen alerts and also excessively low humidity. Yesterday the humidity level was at 20%. Usually it’s between 70%-90% here on the beach.

So not only are my allergies acting up like crazy, making me sneeze, endure lovely headaches, and have itchy sinuses, but the lack of moisture in the air is also leaving my throat sore and dry.

I got a whopping 4 hours of restless sleep last night.

Thanks Florida, you’re the best.

At least we can go to the beach on those warmer days.

My brother and his best friend.

They’re weird.

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