Clifford: Hey Kait, why did the Gators cross the road?

Me: Clifford, I don’t want to hear this.

Clifford: Kait. Kait. Why did they? Why did the Gators cross the road?

Me: Cliffy I-

Clifford: Because they couldn’t cross the goal line. OHHHHHH BURN.


*insert fist fight*

So I’ve really gotten into football lately. It may lead to my death having my friends across the street being Auburn and FSU fans, but I’m a Florida Gator fan. And this football season has been pretty darn awesome. My Gator merchandise has increased significantly. I now have a new Gator shirt, a hoodie, a jacket, a hat, a sign, a football, a bumper sticker, duct tape, stickers, and random other misc. It drives Christin nuts.

The Gators have won all but one of their games. It was a sad night when they lost to the Bulldogs, 17-9, but overall, this season has been a great one. Tomorrow they play Jacksonville State(I didn’t even know that existed…?) and then next weekend is the big FSU vs. UF game. It is going to be epic. We are all planning on gathering across the street and watching it together. The ‘Noles have had a pretty good season also, so it is going to be an awesome game. Sad for me since I will be the only Gator fan attending. It’s gonna be intense.

On another note, this conversation took place on our way to the library yesterday:

Mom: Matthew stop going “Uhhhh” in the middle of your sentences.

Matthew: Yes ma’am.

Ben: Yeah what are you, drunk?

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