First off, I refuse to talk about the election.



Yes I am still alive. My lopsided legness has not cost me my life, yet, and after three weeks of physical therapy I am finally done with all that.

Of course, Gabe(who recently turned 12, happy birthday dude) did just sprain/fracture his foot. Poor kid is on crutches which he found cool for all of 30 seconds before realizing they’re a pain in the butt. It only took us twenty freaking minutes to get to the bus stop to pick up Chris and Christian.

Five minutes into our trek to the bus stop, we've made it across the street.

Also I found this on Pinterest, which pretty much is our group motto.

I rest my case?

Did I mention that a few weeks ago Christin and I baked 4 dozen cupcakes, 2 cakes, and 5 dozen cookies for a cake walk for our Halloween party?

I say Christin and I since we planned and organized everything, but really we couldn’t have done it without Christian and Chris. They were two pretty awesome helpers.

The Halloween party was a success, and our friends showed up the day before and surprised us. That was awesome, and we all had a (for me, crazy, insanely busy ) fun weekend.

Wesley pulled off the Greaser outlandishly well. Taylor was an FBI agent.

And of course Cliffy in his Steelers Fan get-up had to make himself known in this picture. Thanks Clifford.

Speaking of Clifford, the shirt I got him for his birthday, which I mentioned in my last post, finally came in and he wore it last weekend for the first time.


It’s basically totally awesome.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on. This is my last normal week for a while, as the Johnsons are coming again in a week for Thanksgiving(yay!), and after that we have December starting and some surprise visitor/s coming, and then Christin is home for three weeks starting the 14th and schools out starting the 17th. I’m so excited, I can’t wait. Then after that, we have the birthday month. Ben, Jesse, Christian, and I all have birthdays. It’s gonna be awesome.


On a closing note, we are half way done with Dad being gone. Hooray, yet at the time I wonder how the heck we are only HALF way done. Only 4 1/2 more months…

Also Lucy stole my socks.

Dangit Lucy, I thought I’d be out of the house before I had to worry about you stealing my clothes.

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