I was playing four square today with three of the boys around the neighborhood, Connor, Donald, and Chris. My brudders were inside eating dinner. Out of nowhere this kid who I’ve never seen before comes up, about 13 or 14 is my guess, and asks to play with us. Donald obviously knew him and was like “Sure.”. I was in the King’s spot so the kid, who’s name I later learned was Roman, picked it up and handed it to me with a “Here ma’am”.

I was thinking “Well that was nice.”

We continued and later Donald threw it to me hard so I said “Ow” and Roman was like “Are you okay?” And I was like “Yeaaaah…”

And then later he did something, I don’t remember what, and Donald was like “Yeah Kaity, he’s a lady’s man.” And I was like “Uhh…” and Roman was like “WELL I have a girlfriend.”

And I was all like “Good for you man.” But in my head I was like “What the heck…”

And that’s just how my evening went.


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