I am picky about my movies. ESPECIALLY when it’s a book-to-movie. The only book-to-movie that I’d read before I saw it and really liked was…Little Women. That was a pretty good transition, even though I’ve never been a fan of the actual story.

And The Princess Bride. That was a pretty good book-to-movie, even though I read the book after I watched the movie.

Anyway. Most books that are made into movies I despise. Because I loved the books.

Like Eragon.

I’m not even going to get into that because I could go on raving for hours.

And trust me, y’all don’t want that.

Let’s just say I severely despised that movie.

The end.

And Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series? Oh my gosh….butchered. Utterly. Ruined.

There are many others which of COURSE I can’t remember right now but whatever. Generally I am disappointed with movies from books and hate them completely.

I was a bit nervous about how this one was going to turn out because I absolutely loved the first book(the next two I was less enthusiastic about for reasons I will explain), so I was worried I would walk away from the theater utterly upset and angry with Hollywood once again.

But a friend who had seen it the night before assured me that I would not be disappointed.  And I believed him.

And he was so so so right.

I LOVED the movie.

It was so great that I actually loved the story even more after seeing the movie than I did after reading the book.

I loved the movie so much that I went and bought the book this morning just so I could read it again.

Woody Harrelson played an excellent Haymitch, who is my favorite character.

Josh Hutcherson, who was already one of my favorite actors, played Peeta to perfection.

Jennifer Lawrence surprisingly played a good Katniss. I was skeptical at first but she pulled it off. Didn’t help me like her anymore, though. Katniss is still my least favorite character in the series because I happened to like Peeta and she was a jerk to him and I was mad at her through the entire series because she kept leading both Peeta and Gale on with her flip floppiness.


For the record, I wasn’t a huge fan of the second two  books in the series. Mostly for that reason.


It was just too Twilight-y. Team Gale and Team Peeta.



Stop it.

That’s dumb.


Overall, I did enjoy the movie and look forward to seeing Catching Fire produced. Even though there’s no saying if I’ll actually like it because of the whole “Peeta vs. Gale Katniss Can’t Choose So She’ll Just Lead Them Both On” theme.


I’ll deal with it.

Besides, that’s like at least two years away.

So until then, I’ll just watch it over and over again and read the books a couple of times and get mad at Katniss and all that.

It’ll be epic.

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