UPDATE: Well, we’re on the road again. Turns out that other guy just didn’t have the right battery amperage or something to start a giant van. But right after I wrote that update this super nice not-loser not-jerk came up and was really awesomely helpful and got it started. It was great. All the kids started yelling happily when the van began running.
Hooray! Huge thanks super nice guy!

UPDATE: 10 minutes and 23 unhelpful guys later, the store owner came to help. But it didn’t work. He says it must be something other than the battery.
And dad’s uncontactable out in the ocean.
And there are 7 hungry, hot kids in the back.
This is going to be an interesting day.

We’re sitting in the parking lot of the pet store. With a dead battery. Mom propped the hood up. The pet store owners said they’d help us when they could, but they’re busy right now. Only like 12 different guys have parked next to us.  And not said anything or offered to help.


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