As I was sitting down to once again stare at a blank post and wonder for half an hour what the heck I should write, I saw something on my dashboard. My blog statistics.

My mouth fell to the floor as I stared at the numbers before me.

I immediately knew I had to share. Mostly because I needed to post something because it’s been, like, a week or something and certain people are getting ancy and maybe some are even having withdrawals or something.

Probably not. But I’m not totally setting aside that idea.

So anyway. I made this blog back in the summer of 2006, nearly 6 years ago. Wowza. That was a lonnnnng time ago. Since then, I have written 379 posts and received 10,040 comments, 9,334 of which were spam, leaving 706 approved comments. That is a lot of commenting going on, people.

Since I made this blog, I have had many, many different themes and headers and such. I have found a few of my old headers which I will share with you in just a minute.

Okay now.

I can’t remember when this was made exactly, but I believe it was 2007. On this one we have me with my sheep, Little Brother, who I raised and showed at our local fair, and one of me with my dog, who was a puppy at the time, Jack. Or Moses. I changed his name sometime in 2008. It was Moses. Now it’s Jack. Captain Jack Sparrow. Such a better name than Moses.

Annnnnd this one was in…2009, I believe, shortly after we moved to Milton. I made it myself. Can you tell? I doubt it. As my mom said, “I would never have cut you out that gadgety.” FYI Mom, the word you are looking for is “Jaggedy”.


This one wasn’t too long ago. I think I changed it from this one about a year ago.

That’s just a few of the dozen or more headers I’ve had. I’ve had a lot.

Maybe I’ll eventually reach 1000 posts or something. Mom has, and she’s only had her blog for a year more than me.


I wonder if I’ll still be writing on thing when I have, like, 12 kids.


You should probably stay tuned. Things could get interesting.

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