So, we’ve moved. A lot. I’ve lived in North Carolina, then South Carolina, then Washington, then South Carolina, then Rhode Island, then Washington, then west Florida, and then east Florida. I can’t say any of the moves have been exactly enjoyable(except the one away from RH – we did NOT like it there at all), but moving into a new house has always been fun.  I’ve lived in approx. 11 different houses. My favorite one was the house in Rhode Island, surprisingly, which was two stories and very pretty. The one in Washington was really big, also two stories, and not very pretty. But it was very roomy, and the downstairs was where all us kids slept. There were a few rooms down there, so we had my room, the boys room, and then a rec room. It was like our own club. We called it “The Cave”. hehe.

Out of the two houses we lived in in west Florida, I prefered the second. I liked it’s layout and it was in a quiet neighborhood RIGHT next to where my dad worked. I really liked that house, too. It was probably my second favorite. And then this house. It’s really pretty on the inside. The only thing I really like about it though is the backyard. It’s REALLY pretty and huge. It’s like I have my own forest in the backyard. It’s awesome!

Searching for a house is the highlight of moving.  Places like Capitola make it easier to find houses. We always spend tons of time searching online for a house, looking for the perfect one in our price range. I always enjoy searching around on Pensacola Craigslist – but then I usually get caught up in looking at their free section. lol. That’s how we found the second house we lived in in west Florida, while here in east Florida we used Red Door. All of them were helpful for where ever you happen to live. So if you’re looking for a house, check out one of the links!

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