If you read about the wild fire on another one of my posts, then you know that it was big fire, and if you haven’t I am telling you now. It was a BIG fire!!! So big that the fire fighters don’t think it will be completly put out until a hard rain or even the first snow!!! I hope it does not start up again. The fire fighters still have to stay with it 24-7.

The fair that we have every year is coming up. From Thurs-Sun. They have neat rides and animals. We saw them setting them up at the fair grounds. Last year my dad got me to go on the Zipper. It is a ride like a ferris weel except when you go up your basket that you sit in starts to flip!! It was scary! I want to do it again though. Next year I am going to get a sheep and keep it at our friends house and I am going to enter it into the fair. Won’t that be fun. I just can’t wait!!

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