Hello peeps. I’m not really sure what I’m blogging about. I just had nothing better to do, the internetz is slow, and this blog was calling my name. So…ta-da!

I just finished video chatting with two of my awesome friends, Chaise and Savanah. It’s was pretty awesome. I even got to hear Chaise introduce us to Japanese flavored coffee. Oh yes people. It was pretty awesome.

Like a boss.

I also was likened to Brittany Spears. I found this to be interesting. I did have this headset on because my laptop has decided to be dumb and have it’s mic not work, but I personally thought I more resembled the drive-through lady at McDonalds.

Hmm. I’m trying to decide which is more insulting.

Either way, it was awesome.

Before that, Savanah was sharing awesome videos. And when I say awesome, I mean “OHMYGOSH I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING.”

That kind of awesome.

Right now I’m on the back porch. I’m recalling last week when the Johnsons were visiting and we would sit out here in the freezing wind, discussing everything from The Office to Apple products to movies(yep we’re all kinda geeks). And now I’m sitting here psyched because they’re coming AGAIN next Wednesday for Thanksgiving! Woohoo! We haven’t told the boys yet so the only one I can get excited with is my mom. And oh yes. We got excited.

It’s supposed to be in the 80s while they’re here, which is a guarantee that it will be 20 degrees and raining. Err…snowing.

And probably a tornado.


Because that’s just how we do things down here in Florid-ia.

Also, Lucy is already doing a great job at getting into my stuff. She is EVERYWHERE. And if I put her down in my room to play piano or read or anything really, she’s getting into my stuff or eating my carpet or trying to tear up my Spanish notes…that little monster.

Cute as a button.

Wait. That wasn’t very nice. Buttons aren’t cute. So really, that’s insulting.

Cute as a chinchilla. In Spain.


And she is already beginning her job as a little sister.


Dang she is cute…

So anyway. It’s like 10 o’clock. I Am Number Four is waiting upstairs, along with Inheritance. I’ll probably have to submit to the book’s call and go read them here pretty soon.

‘Sides. There’s nothing much more for me to say.



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