So I haven’t posted a cool post here in a while. I’ve been busy, okay? But shoving all that aside, I thought I’d write something and get y’all all caught up. Sadly this will not include any of my amazing drawings. Okay maybe just one. BUT there will be pictures. Oh yes. There will be pictures.

  • We moved. Yes. It’s true. We moved a whole 15 miles away. Onto base. Can I just say that this place is totally AWESOME!? I absolutely love it here! The beach is one street away and I walk there daily. It is SO totally epic.
  • Umm…oh! We has friends! There will be pictures below but trust me they are awesome and you should be jealous.
  • Some old friends of ours from P’cola are coming to visit in a few weeks and it’s going to be four days of PURE AWESOMENESS. Just saying. There will be s’mores, dutch blitz, movies, and fun involved. And also NASCAR.
  • Apparently I need to eat more cotton candy and play with more baby animals.
  • I smell fish. And it doesn’t smell good. But it’s from the really cool shells that we brought home from yesterday’s exploration at the beach with our friends down the street so it’s all good.
  • We’re going camping next month! YEAH! Our church and another church get together every other year and go camping for Thanksgiving. It is SO much fun and I am uber excited. Sarah, one of my bestest friends, is going and I can’t wait to spend a whole weekend with her. We’re both very outdoorsy and are sure to be found hanging from trees or climbing rocks or throwing dirt at each other or something.

I’m sure there is a lot more going on, but I can’t think of it all right now. So too bad for you.

Something I absolutely must point out right now is that WWZ could be right around the corner and y’all need to be prepared. Make to to visit Taylor’s blog and read about preparing and strategizeing.

Also, I learned yesterday that Skylar, my friend down the street, has some pirate in him. This simply makes him all the more epic.

2011-10-18 17.27.47

Annd….Oh! Two weeks ago my bestie, Savanah, stayed here for a whole WEEK with me! It was so much fun! We went exploring around the base and found stuff I never knew was even here, hung out with Skylar and his family, and chilled out at home, being our normal crazy selves. I miss having her here. She did our dishes. Twice. Dang I really miss her. ;P

2011-10-05 16_wonder(1)

Nani, Gabe, and Skylar


Nani, me, and Skylar

2011-10-08 15_wonder

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Nani, Skylar, and Matthew fighting over our “rainbow”

Me and Skylar, arguing about texting as he texts on my phone with my friend, Taylor

It was pretty darn awesome. Since then, me padre has left for two weeks on the ship, going to fly in formation and blow stuff up to practice for something or other when he goes out to sea next year. You can see how much I know about my Dad’s job. It’s awesome. He gets back on Monday, so perhaps I shall be able to ask more about what exactly it was he was doing then.

Lately Gabe and I have been going to the beach to watch the sunrise with Skylar and sometimes his sister, who is Gabe’s age, Harleigh. There is something indescribably awing about a sunrise as it peaks over the horizon. Gabe and Harleigh will be messing around with shells while Skylar and I doodle in the sand, but we all stop to watch the golden orb rise from the waters. Breathtaking.


Plus, I got this cool picture of Skylar’s shoe next to a bullet shell we found.


Also, look at all these sunglasses and goggles we’ve found on the beach in the last week. Seems crazy huh? Well get this: I took this picture 4 days ago. Since then, 22 more have been added to our collection. That’s a total of 37 sunglasses in the dunes. It’s so awesome.

2011-10-14 07.33.13

I just gotta say that I love living here.

I get to walk to the beach and watch the sunrise every morning.

We have friends down the street who we hang out with every day after school. If one of us is missing, we’re probably at the other’s house.

There is an awesome park down the street and we have to go on this path through the woods and it’s pretty much totally awesome.

The neighborhood is awesome. Everything is on base. I can just go down to the mini-mart and get a soda if I want, or walk with Joe down to the Subway to treat him to lunch.

And I just gotta say, I have never felt like I could breathe this good. The air is amazing here. And yesterday Sam and I managed to squeeze in our, most likely, last play-in-the-rain of the year.

2011-10-18 15.04.19

I stepped outside about 20 minutes ago and I thought I’d stepped into Antarctica. Okay not really. But it was COOL. Like Dang-I-need-a-jacket-right-now cool. And all of the sudden, too. Today it was in the high 70s or so and then all the sudden BAM it’s cool. I don’t think that we’re going to have anymore days of warmth and rain. The Cold…it’s bound to hit any day. And then there’s no going back.  That’s seriously how it works here in Florida. It goes from broiling hot to perfection, which lasts for about 2 or 3 weeks before you wake up one morning and it’s freezing. There’s no warning. No nothing. Just COLD.

It’s sad.

I’m going to miss the warmth.


There is nothing better than curling up on the front porch with a blanket, a good book, and a mug of hot tea. Oh yes. Perfection.

And I won’t be missing this.

Because this has been my life for the past 5 months.

So as you can see, I am both dreading and awaiting the cold weather.

I just remembered something. I turn 17 in 3 months. 15 didn’t seem anything. 16 was a fun birthday but I didn’t feel like it was any huge age leap thing. 17 though? 17 just seems WOW. I don’t know why. It just does. That means I’m only 15 months from being 18. And then 3 years and 3 months from being 20. That’s nuts!

Sorry. I digress.

In fact, this may be the ultimate digression because this post is already like a mile long so I should probably stop now.


Just one more picture. I drew it. For you.

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