Whenever I see something that I really like, I say “oh I HEART that!!” because I don’t like using the word “love” for a possession since the Bible clearly tells us what the word “love” means. Now, of course I don’t always use “I heart”, nor do I find it wrong to use “I love”, it’s just something my mom and I do, and we actually find it kinda fun! So I was thinking, I should make a list of my “I Hearts”. Now keep in mind that “I Heart” and “I Like” are two totally different things! If I were to do an “I Like” list it would be endless. :-) “I Heart” is specifically for a severe enjoyment of a possesion or hobby. And this doesn’t count stuff like God, family, and friends. :-)
So I here by present my “I Hearts”.

I heart historical fiction.
I heart sweet tea.
I heart photography.
I heart electricity.
I heart dogs.
I heart training dogs.
I heart volleyball.
I heart blogging.
I heart doritos.
I heart little stars.
I heart the farm life.
I heart cute kids.
I heart Photoshop
I heart campaigning(local politics)
I heart books.
I heart ultimate frisbee.
I heart writing.
I heart Milton, FL.
I heart yellow smiley faces.
I heart M’nMs.
I heart history.
I heart candy corn.
I heart working in the garage with dad.
I heart cooking with mom.
I heart playing football with my brothers.
I heart life.

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