I’ve decided to make a tag. I hope you enjoy it! Here are the rules.

1. Choose your favorite book, and do an 30-60 word review on it. Say who the main character is, why it is your favorite book, and who the author is.

2. Tag 7 of your favorite Blogs, and leave a comment on the Blogs of your choice, saying that they’ve been tagged.

3. Link to the person that tagged you.

4. Have fun!

Here a review on my favorite book.

My favorite book is Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.

Eragon is about a 16 year old boy, named Eragon, who finds a dragon egg in the Spine, the large, some say haunted, woods while hunting. The legacy of Dragon Riders is being restored as Eragon and Saphira, his dragon, go on a dangerous journey to avenge Eragon’s uncle’s death with an old man named Brom. Eragon is constantly being chased by servants of the evil king, Galbatorix, who is boiling with rage, and feels threatened with coming of the new Dragon Rider. Eragon ends up meeting an elf named Arya, a strange young man, named Murtagh, and dreadful secrets that change Eragons life. Join Eragon in this great and adventurous book as he tries to restore hope of a better life in Alagasiea.

In this book I feel like I’m in the book with Eragon. I have always loved fantasy and Christopher Paolini’s best selling book bring fantasy to the extreme. I recommend this to all who love read.

Here are the people I’m Tagging.






Carrie An

Eleven in the Woods

Good Luck!

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