All of Colfax is filled smoke from the wild fire that started yesterday and is still going on today as I write this. We heard fire fighters get to work around lunch time yesterday. We do not have cable so we do not watch the News. They would fill with water and use it all and come back to refill. We had no idea what was going on! We would here them come by every hour. When my father came home with the news that if you go out across the streets you could see the fire. My parents went to see and all they saw was a bunch of smoke. The fire started coming closer and was only about 3 miles away. The fire turned east, away from Colfax. The fire started on one side of the river, crossed the river, over the bridge taking the bridge with it, leaving the fire fighters on the other side of the river with no way of getting across. They had to take the long way around the river. The fire is still growing strong. I hope that they get it put out. No, I pray that they get it put out.

But Jesus Beheld Them And Said To Them, With Men This Is Impossible; But With God, All Things Are Possible!!

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