Yup. That’s me. In, but not of. It’s my motto. The thing that defines me. What does it mean? Let me tell you.

In, but not of is a saying which means that I am in this world, but refusing to be part of this world. About 3 months ago, a friend of mine, and the rest of her family, gave me a different perspective on life after telling me that saying.
The world is evil and I, being a Christian, should do my best to push away the evil. I figured that I don’t have much of a choice about being in this world, but I most certainly do have a choice about whethet or not I will be a part of the world. Don’t agree with me? Here’s another reason. – I want my light to shine. I want to be able to walk down the street and for people to just look at me and know that I am different, not normal. Here are a couple of ways I do that.

  1. I wear skirts 95% of the time. Except for sports like Volleyball, and the occasional horseback riding, I almost always wear skirts. I have only 1 pair of jeans, and I don’t even feel comfortable in them because I never wear them.
  2. I keep my hair long and un-colored.
  3. I do not wear makeup, except for the occasional light eye shadow for a slight sparkle and lip gloss.
  4. I do not wear high-heel shoes. Ever. Never have and never will. They are also very bad for your back.
  5. At 14, most teens are a looking forward to, or are already dating. I will not be participating in the casual dating, but will be courted in the proper way. My knight will ask my father to court me, when most parents have really no idea what their kids are up to. My father, on the night of my courtship, will know exactly where I will be at what time and when I will be home.
  6. I do not participate in Facebook, MySpace, or Flickr, where I am open to evil. In fact, I don’t even use chat. The reason I don’t use Facebook and MySpace is that they put not-so-appropriate adds on, and I would be open for any person to come and talk to me, therefore not being able to choose my friends as wisely as I would if I met them in person. As our pastor put it a couple weeks ago, “Why should we participate in something that Christ is excluded from?”. As for Flickr, your open to bad pictures left and right. You never know what your going to find on there.

There are a lot more ways that I refrain from this world, those are just the main ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should throw every pair of jeans you have into the trash, it’s just my way of saying “Hey, I’m different.”.

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