Before you say anything, yes. Yes I have failed. I know. I wouldn’t blame y’all if you started throwing tomatoes and trying to burn down my blog in protest of my absence lately. Or perhaps you’ve just given up all hope of me ever writing again and are actually not even reading this.
But the truth is, I’ve been quite the busy gal. And I’ve got a lot of news to share.

To start out, a few weekends ago I got to celebrate two of my friend’s birthdays with them. Christin and Cliffy both had birthdays one weekend, so you can imagine there was a lot of partying going on then. On Christin’s birthday I went out to eat with her and her family. It was a lot of fun, and we had the most hilarious waiter.

Then we came home and a bunch of people came over. We ate cake and opened gifts, and then we played a shot game(with Coke, no worries people. We are good teenagers) and while some of the guys played Minecraft, the rest of us played volleyball with balloons.


This all lasted until midnight, when we fairwelled Christin’s birthday and welcomed Cliffy’s. The next morning, I went across the street and helped set up all of the decorations for Cliffy’s party that afternoon. After that we went to get a movie, then came back and watched Puss in Boots with some of the neighborhood kids. Later we all had pizza and cake and opened presents. My gift for Cliffy(a t-shirt) was still on it’s way so I drew him a picture of him and pasted a picture of the shirt over it.

Then we went bowling. I was so close to winning both times, but once fell short by one point and the next by two. So close…

The next day we were all pretty tired. Christin headed back to college and the rest of us just kinda hung around. The next day, my family headed to Orlando for a mini-vacation. We didn’t go to any of the parks, but the hotel we stayed at had a water park and little arcade and stuff. The best part for me was meeting my friends who I’ve known over the computer for years now. They came to the hotel on Monday night and we all played cards and had pizza and stuff. It was so cool finally getting to meet them — easily the highlight of the trip.

The boys had a blast at the water park on Tuesday. We went down the bigger slides they had. Two of them were fun enough, but one of them was insane.

It felt like you were about to fly off of the slide. In case you were wondering, this is not a pleasant feeling.

All of the time in between doing stuff I spent watching the news(politics) and football. Yep I’m weird. I did watch a few other shows, but seriously…there is nothing good on TV anymore.

Tuesday night we went to Downtown Disney. I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say I don’t like crowds. And there was crowd.

Wednesday morning we packed up and left, stopping at Waffle House for breakfast on the way out. We got home around 3 and were able to surprise Cliffy at the bus stop, since he didn’t think we would get home until that night. We were originally going to go to Ikea before we left Orlando, but we decided against it on Wednesday morning and decided just to go home.

It was a fun trip, though weird without Dad with us. But we all had a great time. It was good to be home and see our friends again, though.

Now we are all planning for our Halloween party next Saturday. Christin is coming home for it so that’s exciting. We’ve got a bajillion things to bake for it, since we are providing treats for the actually party AND a cake walk we are doing, so we are going to be pretty busy that Friday and Saturday morning.

The other day I had a doctor’s appointment. Well, technically it was a Physical Therapy appointment because I went to the doctor a month or so ago because of this bad joint pain I’ve been having in my legs and shoulders. The doctor told me then that he thought one of my legs might be longer than the other, so I need to go to PT to get it adjusted, but that nothing was wrong with my shoulder. Naturally I was like “Umm dude, people’s shoulders don’t just pop every time they move them and ache 24/7 and keep them up at night”. Also naturally I didn’t actually say that because I don’t really talk to people I don’t know unless I have to. And by “have to”, I mean I’ll die if I don’t.

WebMD, the not-have-to-talk-to-people-alternative wasn't helping much. A broken back? Seriously, I think I'd know it if my back was broken.

So we made an appointment for PT for my leg. I went in the other day and was handed this paper that asked me all these questions and had a diagram of a human where it wanted me to circle all of the places I was experiencing pain. Since my doctors appointment, my right shoulder had gotten worse and now my wrists and even occasionally my elbow have also started to be bothersome. Basically, my entire right side was falling apart. So basically every joint from my hip up was circled. Then my PT dude was like “Well, it says here you’re here for hip/leg joint pain.” and I was like “Well, my right shoulder hurts a lot and the doctor said nothing was wrong but it hurts so obviously something is wrong.” And he was all like “Alright well let’s see here…”
And I had to do all of this different stuff so he could test my shoulder. He realized that my right shoulder sits higher than my left, when it should sit lower because it’s my dominant arm. Then he felt my spine. And he stopped.
Long story short, I have to get an x-ray done to see if I have scoliosis because he thinks my spine might be crooked and get blood work done for some stuff, too. And I have SI Joint Dysfunction, which is my leg problem (and, unknown to me beforehand, also the source of my back pain) , so I have to go to PT twice a week for three weeks to get that fixed. Whoohoo. Because I love the doctor’s. Not.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on. Time has been flying by for us, which is awesome because we are uber excited for the Johnsons to come for Thanksgiving again this year. 34 more days! So that’s the next exciting thing happening after Halloween.

That’s all that been happening. Besides Piccola texting me and telling me that half and half was made of half cream and half sugar.

That’s it though.

The end.

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