So this is only my, like, 8th attempt at blogging this week. But I failed. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I spend all of my spare time watching Bones.


Christin came home for the weekend(yay!), and we decided we were going to make a Minecraft cake that we saw on Pinterest. This cake, to be specific.

Yeah we’re adventurous.

So not only did we have to make the cake, but we decided we would also try making our own fondant. And that is why this cake took about 4 hours to complete.

Here are pictures of the process after we went shopping for all of the stuff.

Before we started.


After melting the marshmallows, we had to mix powdered sugar into them until it was a texture we could handle. Then we had to knead it on a powder sugar covered counter.

Christian joined in and "helped" us. A.k.a played with the dough and got it everywhere.

Yeah this is what Christian did with the fondant we let him use. At least my phone is happy. much kneading...


Then we added food coloring. Aaaaand lots more kneading.


So after a lot of kneading and trying to get our balls of fondant the right colors, which was just about impossible when it came to brown, we put them in the fridge and went to the beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Then we came back, got all cleaned up, ate dinner, then got back to the cake, which Christin had baked while we ate dinner and was already cooling. The boys went to play kick ball and man hunt and we got back to cake making.

So we got out the fondant and rolled it out. One of the blobs didn’t really work out that well. We tried adding chocolate to it for the brown one because working with red, green, blue, and yellow food coloring wasn’t working out very well, but I guess the chocolate…messed it up. Or something. Because it turned into weird tasting fudge like…stuff. Christin thought it tasted good, I thought it tasted weird, and Christian thought it tasted like death and spit it out so we ended up just throwing it away.

The light brown, where we only added a little chocolate, turned out okay though so we rolled it out and attempted to cut squares into it. That was an adventure. Christian stood over our shoulders criticizing the whole time. Most of them did not look like squares of fondant, but more like strangely proportioned rectangles of bologna.

After we got all of the fondant square/rectangle things done, we cut the cake and got them into square shapes and started dirty icing them.

Handyman/critic Christian took a lot of pictures for us.

After that, we started applying the fondant.

Nailed it.

Okay so they may not look perfect but all four of our brothers knew what they were and said they were awesome, and so did the other neighborhood kids that came over to try it.

And then it all kinda turned into a party.

And then yesterday evening we all hung out again, doing nothing really. We rode Ripstiks and tossed a football around. Some of the guys played basketball. It was nice.

And then today we played cards. For hours. Christian, Joe, Gabe, and Ian played Minecraft while Christin, Cliffy, and I played Garbage/Golf, later joined by Chris and Matt. When they arrived we started playing Spoons. It was so fun.


No idea what is going through some of these people's minds.

And then after Christin left to go back to college around 2:30, we played four square and messed around with Ripstiks again and after dinner we played basketball, aka took turns making hoops, which I am actually starting to get fairly good at surprisingly enough.

So basically, we had a fun Labor Day weekend. It was nice having Christin back — another girl amidst all these boys I’m surrounded by. ;)

That’s about all that’s been going on. In 9 days I’ll be going up to South Carolina again, as has become tradition, and staying with my aunt for a week and a half. I am really excited to go see all my cousins. It’s sure to be fun!

Now please excuse me while I go watch more Bones. I’m totally not obsessed with this show.


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