This has been an awesome summer. Don’t believe me? Look at all this.


Many, many beach days. Seriously, we went at least 20 times in the last month.

There was a lot of burying people this summer.



Found a giant spider. I also saved Cliffy from walking right into it.


Multiple trips to Walmart.


Messed around outside. A lot.

Epic photo bomb, Matt.

Christian and Joe think they're so cool. I guess they kinda are though. ;)

Late nights inside.

Don't even ask. I have no idea.

The night we rented The Muppets

...they both wanted to sit on the spinny stool.

Of course we are not too old for play dough.


Trolling. Mehehehehe.


I am very sad it’s over. But it’s actually not that bad. Every day Matt, who is usually already at our house since he’s homeschooled and finishes around noon, Joe, Gabe, Christin, and I go and meet Christian and Chris(Matt’s brother) at their bus stop right after 2:00, and then we all hang out until 4, then we go meet Cliffy at his bus stop, then we all hang out and usually play four square until dinner and then hang out again after dinner.

The first day after school, we all played four square in the pouring rain. Words can’t express how awesome it was.

Only thing missing was Cliffy because he was still in school. Sad face.

Anyway, that’s all that’s been going on. Lots of four square and bus stop meetings.

Well, it’s almost time to go meet Chris and Christian. So, until next time!


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