So ever since Joe’s best friend(who was very cool, may he move in peace) who lived across the street moved away, I’ve been hoping that we’d get some sweet awesome neighbors in their place. As most of you know, I have exactly one friend here. And I have been hoping that some more teenagers who were actually cool in the neighborhood.

And guess what.

It happened.


The Chrises, as we call them(Christin, Christian, and Christopher(Cliffy), have become quite good friends in a short period of time. They’re basically super cool.

Plus Christin has made us cookies/brownies twice, and I’ve already collected a plate of brownies from Cliffy.

And we chased an armadillo around.

Look at this vigorous running and searching

Yep. We were exhausted after our two-minute hunt.

So we went to the beach.

In fact, we’ve gone to the beach every single day for the past 8 days. Tomorrow we’ll be on day 9, and we totally intend on keeping it up for as long as humanly possible.

Some days we swim and drag others along.

And some days we just have to walk down and chill because it’s too late to swim and some of us were busy earlier in the day.

But either way, we always make it down.


So yes, that is why I have been non existent on this here blog. I’ve been spending most of my time with these three.

Time well spent.

Well, it’s like midnight so I’m going to go now. Tomorrow we’re having a big beach outing that will include about 10 people(GINORMOUS, I know), so I’ll try to get more pictures and post them.

Until then, I leave you with a good dose of creepiness.

Yep. This guy lives across the street and I have become friends with him.

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