Pretty much what the title said. I’m going to Milton. Yaaaaay! Trailer’s graduation is tomorrow so we’ll leave here and head straight there or whatever and then see that. The Johnsons are pretty awesome so we’re all excited to see them.

Then on Saturday my friends and I are getting together to play ultimate frisbee. It has FINALLY worked out to where we’re in town when one of my good friends, Aaron(who is in law school right now), is also in town for summer break. This time hopefully we can avoid the flu which spread through the Curdy family and destroyed the plans we had a few Christmases ago to get together. But alas, I’ll be meeting up with my bestest friends — the Curdys, Whites, and Kellys — on Saturday. I’m so stinkin’ excited! It’s been so long since the old campaignin’ team was all in one place — two years! It’ll be great to get together again.

Plus my sister will be there! YAY! I am just so excited to see her.

Not to mention that in between that I’ll get to spend tons of time with one of my bestest friends, Sarah!


We’re really crazy. No seriously, it gets pretty bad sometimes. Occasionally we just have to start smacking each other to knock sense back into one another.

Or apparently pulling someone off of a fence by their ear. As Sarah is having so much fun doing above.


So yep! Now I must go pack, for I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Until next time!

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