I like archery. A lot. I have for a long time, and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to learn how to shoot an arrow. It’s even on my bucket list.

But recently I’ve realized that I not only like archery myself, but I tend to prefer characters who wield a bow in books and movies/TV.

For instance:

I got my nickname Lia from Katy, who called me that because my favorite character, and the one I was most like, in Lisa Bergren’s River of Time series(possibly the best series of books ever written) was Lia, who was an archer.


One of my very favorite TV series’ is Robin Hood.

As you all know by now, my favorite of the Avengers(though tying with Thor) was Hawkeye.

And recently I have become a big fan of the Green Arrow, who actually will have his own show here pretty soon.


Legolas. Duh. He can like see everything and freakin’ never runs out of arrows. Though, I must say I really did like Aragorn too. But Legolas was pretty darn cool. Plus he took down that giant elephant thing. The oliphant or whatever.


Yep. Archery is awesome. It’s fascinating. And I am determined that I will become an archer someday.

What will probably happen is I finally get a bow and then I will be really bad at it and will have exactly 0 skill in that area.

And then I will cry.

And then I will find a sword and do fencing instead.



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