1. Miracle Whip. Why was this stuff even ever created? I’m doing research to figure out what genius thought mixing mayonnaise and bird poop and selling it to the masses was a good idea.

More like Miracle Crap.

2. Boys. Nuff said.

3. The layout of Jacksonville. I think they dropped buildings randomnly from the sky and then were like “Well dang, where we gonna put the roads? Well, I guess we’ll just weave ‘em in between and over and let the locals figure it out.” I swear there are actually roads that just end. Like, bridges. Just end.

4. The “Buddies” movies. Who is buying these and helping fund the creation of more horror?

5. Spanish. I’ve tried a few times. I still don’t understand it. It’s really sad. BUT I do know that llueve is rain and probably will remember that along with hola. And I remember hermano. And sol. And castigar. And if I thought about it long enough I could probably remember the words to “I’ve Got The Joy” because we kinda have an inside joke about that from Spanish class at co-op and- I GOT IT! Yo tengo gozo, gozo, gozo, gozo en mi corazon.  Well, maybe I’m not as clueless as I thought.

6. Verizon commercials. Seriously, they annoy me. They don’t make sense and/or they are completely stupid. And cheesy. They are ALWAYS cheesy. Verizon’s commercials make me want to switch to Sprint because Sprint commercials are awesome. Yes commercials TOTALLY dictate what companies I like. It’s pretty sad.
But anyway. Verizon commercials. What the heck?

7. Women on Pinterest that have boards dedicated to “hot” men. What the heck? I’m pretty sure women would be mightily offended(and probably fuming) if their husbands/boyfriends/any man on the planet had a board dedicated to good looking women. Jordan has a nice way of putting it.

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