They’re a common request in this family.

And as the family cook, I make a lot of them.

In fact, I make 19 meals a week. That’s about 76 a month, and 912 a year.

That is a LOT of food. And a lot of cooking. If I spend an average of half an hour in the kitchen per each meal(often longer for dinners and shorter for breakfasts), that’d mean I spend about 547 hours in the kitchen a year.

Mhmm. And that’s not counting any baking or experiments, which I do about once or twice a month. Or WAY more than that in the winter months.

And this isn’t your normal 4-people-feeding meals. Oh no, I have to feed 10 hungry people. 7 of which are boys.

This is the alfredo I made the other night.

That is a lot of alfredo.

Yummy alfredo.

So anyway, yep. I spend a lot of time cooking. I’ve been making every meal for almost two years now. It’s pretty awesome and I enjoy doing it.

Yay for cooking!

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