In South Carolina, we went to a church with the most loving people I have ever met in my entire life. Our church was called Coastal Community Church. I think of them every day. You can not imagine how hurt I was when we had to leave. I wish I could here from my best friends, Christopher and Lydia, more often. They are the ones I miss the most. Christopher and I became the best of friends when we where about 7 years old. We would have a argument every once and a while but we couldn’t stay mad at each other for very long. We would play together all the time. I miss him the most. Lydia, his sister, was my friend also. She is a few years older than I am, but I still miss her. I had some other friends there, and I miss them too. I miss Coastal altogether. My Aunt Carrie goes to our church too. She has 2 children, Sara, and Grace. Sara is about to turn 4, while Grace is 1 1/2. I have never seen Grace with my own eyes. Just is pictures. I miss them all. Oh, how I miss them!!

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