So my lovely quidnuncs, it turns out that I am, in fact, blind. Mostly. In one eye.

Okay, so I’m very far-sighted in one eye. I didn’t even realize it until I got glasses and was like “WHOA! I can SEE!”

I wore glasses when I was little because I was far-sighted in both eyes. But eventually my eyes corrected and I didn’t need them any more.

This was about, oh 10 years ago or so. It feels weird to look at that picture, which I totally remember being taken, and being able to say that was a decade ago.

I’m getting so old.


I didn’t wear glasses for 7 years. But in the last few months I’ve noticed that my vision has been fuzzy. So we went to the eye doctor finally this month and my optometrist, who I swear is somehow related to Will Smith, informed me that my right eye was very far-sighted. My left eye was perfect though.

Interruption: Our cat has decided that laying over my lap while I’m typing is a good idea. This is interesting.

So now I have glasses.  But only one side is a prescription. The other is just a lens. So it’s really weird when I take them off because I can feel my right eye trying really hard to see, but I can see because my left is like Mr. Perfect.

So I just wear them. Because it’s easier than having my eye throbbing when I take them off from straining to see.

Apparently I look just like Skylar with glasses. Especially when my hair is curly. Mom said, “Dang. Now you look even more like you could be Skylar’s sister.”  His dad was like “Are you trying to make fun of Skylar or something? Curly hair and glasses?”. It’s pretty funny. We’ve already been mistaken as siblings several times before. So it’s really nothing new.

So blogaddicts; I’m no longer blind. It’s so nice. I love being not blind.

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