As y’all already know because I totally talked about it last the post before last, we went to Milton last weekend. It was basically the best thing ever. We got to see our friends the Johnsons and the Haddings and the Marchlewskis and pretty much everyone awesome in Milton. I also got to get together with my old sports team for a good game of Ultimate Frisbee. I was glad to find I still had it in me! I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about playing with the team again since I hadn’t played since we moved approximately forever ago and I had only tossed the frisbee around with Skylar like two times since. But, it actually went pretty well.


Except that one time when Connor threw the frisbee off and it went like a bajillion miles an hour right at my knee so instead of catching it I made a sound that resembled the screech of some undiscovered bird in Africa and did a little jig-hop out of the way, Josh yelling as I did so “KAIT what the heck! Don’t let it keep going!”  and Connor, who had by this time made his way down the field, preparing for defense, was laughing and saying “Kait, you’re actually supposed to CATCH the frisbee. But hey, that works, too.”

But I made this totally awesome save where John, the best player, and happened to be on the other team, tried to block it from Josh, and partially failed but got involved in some juggling frisbee match with Connor and Josh so I pretty much had to roll my eyes and step in to keep the three boys from starting a circus right there in the middle of the frisbee field.

Then once I got the frisbee my world when dark and I thought maybe some apocalypse had begun but then just realized Spencer had stepped in front of me to guard. Somehow I managed to pass it off even though there was this person like three times as tall as me trying to keep me from being able to do just that.

It was a miracle, to be sure.

After a fun game, I limped my way around Waterfront Mission where my sister dropped me off and Mrs. Hadding and my mom met us. For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t wear shoes. Like, ever. Skylar’s dad calls me “barefoot-girl” all the time. If I do wear shoes, I usually wear flipflops unless it is unbearably cold and I am forced to wear toe-covering shoes to keep from getting frostbite. But if it’s over 60 degrees, and we ain’t goin’ no place public, I am shoeless. So when I do wear shoes, my feet feel the pain. It’s like my toes are screaming out their protest at being all shoved together.
“NOOO! We don’t like  touching — this is highly inappropriate.  Take this horrible contraption OFF!”

So as soon as we got in the car I kicked them off and stretched out my aching feet. I can’t imagine Mrs. Hadding and Mummzy appreciated this, since I’d been playing hard-core sports all morning and no doubt was not the best smelling.

But hey. My feet hurt, okay?

We got home and after changing, Sarah and I went on this little photoshoot thing, abusing Emily’s growing photography skillz and using them to our advantage. Mehehe. But in all serious(snort), Emm has natural talent with the camera and no doubt will follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an amazing photographer one day!


The rest of the weekend involved watching 15 children so the parents could go out and then taking a daring plunge into 60 degree water. Take the time to watch the video. It’s totally worth every second. Plus, I added some music and some pictures and it’s pretty much adorable.

Sarah kept on trying to feel the water to “test” it but that’s just about the dumbest thing a person could ever do in their life so I told her no. And then she tried to argue about getting in and I told her she had to and that if she didn’t jump in at the same time I did, I was going to climb out and drag her in. And then we dove in.

And it was really, really, really, really, really, really cold.

While Sarah was at school on Monday, I went shopping with Victoria and Spencer at the mall. Now that was fun. Of course, shopping with your sister is always fun. But! I never would have thought it, but Spencer was actually pretty awesome to shop with, too. He even informed me while we were all trying on glasses in Claire’s that I could totally pull off the nerd style.
And that it took a special kind of person to pull off that style.

And then that I needed to figure out on my own if that was a compliment or an utter insult.

I’m still thinking about it.

Victoria and I found adorable dresses and each bought one, so next time we’re in Milton we’re going to get together and do a cute little matching photo shoot together. It’s going to be awesome.

That night, Sarah and I watched a couple movies and stayed up talking until like 11 when we passed out because we’d both had busy days.

The next morning, all of us girls were up at 6am. I hung out with them while they got ready for school. By the time they were leaving, nigh all of the family was up so we all said our goodbyes. They left for school and we packed up.

And then we left. Sad. I almost cried. I mean, 4 days with Sarah gets you kinda hooked. She’s pretty much the bestest friend  in the whole wide world. And the thin world. I think. Yes. Sarah, I know you’re reading this, and you can be the bestest friend of BOTH. The wide one and the thin one. And the one right in between wide and thin. And you’re my twin in all the worlds.
Ya know, why don’t they just call it the fat world. I mean, it’s basically the same thing right? Is Earth, like, going to be offended if it found out we called it fat instead of wide? Comm’on peoples. Think about it. Would you be more insulted if someone called you fat, or wide? The same right? Wait a second…do they even mean the same thing? I mean, a piece of paper can be wide but that doesn’t make it fat.  And wait a second, how can the world even be wide anyway? It’s a CIRCLE. You can’t have a wide circle. That doesn’t even make any sense. If it’s a wide circle it’s an oval and not even a circle anymore and definitely not the Earth.

Sarah. Whatever world is wide…you cannot be the bestest friend there. But you can here. On Earth. Which is not wide.

On all the worlds, even the wide ones(which still makes about negative 2 billion percent sense) you can be my twin.

Gosh. Now that we’ve got that settled.

Ya know what, this post was totally not supposed to be this long. I mean, look at the title.  Yeah, I totally wrote the title first so I remember all I’m supposed to talk about. I’ve covered one of the points so far and talked about stupid phrases people use. I’m pretty sure I have ADD. And CDO.

Actually, not really.

But mostly.

So onto the next thing.

My computer is so dead. Even Pastor Rob was like “Kaity dear, you really need to get a new computer.”
It doesn’t hold a charge, it gets about 4 bajillion degrees after being on for a while, it freezes every like two seconds(burning up AND freezing…can’t be good), and the memory is so full that I have to delete stuff to be able to open CS3 because apparently the memory something or other bank of whatever is full and CS3 can’t run without space. And sometimes my picture viewer doesn’t let me preview a picture because it can’t open it with the lack of memory on my laptop.

It’s basically the saddest thing ever. I’ve had this old thing for just over four years now. Got it for my 13th birthday. *sniffle*

So I’m so excited to spend $500 to get a new one. Not at all. I totally don’t want to do that. But tis necessary if I am ever going to get my photography business going.

Moving on.

So I told my mom like 5 days ago I wanted my hair cut. It hasn’t happened yet, even though I’ve very very subtly reminded her by saying stuff like “Oh my head hurts. It feels heavy. From excess hair.”

I think it may have something to do with her being sick or something like that. Or she just really isn’t happy I’ve decided that I want my hair short again and this is how she’s retalliating. By not cutting it.

Oh that’s smooth Mummzy. Don’t cut it so it’ll be forced to stay long.  Nice.

Don’t make me pull out the Santa Claus scissors.

Next, my phone is practically dead and I think has a ghost in it because it keeps thinking I’m pushing buttons that I am not pushing.  BUT! I am eligible for an upgrade on Thursday, so it’s all good.

Lastly, Sky, his dad, and I are making a mini-movie commercial video thing. It’s going to be awesome. We’ve been planning it for like 3 weeks now. Last night, Skylar and I were going to write a script, but we ended up just arguing most of the time about stupid stuff that had nothing to do with task at hand and getting about 4 things written.

We have a very high success rate.

When not around each other.

Because mostly all we do is annoy one another purposefully and squabble about absolutely nothing.

So that’s my life.

You may want to run away now.


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