I was Tagged by Natalie.

1.Fave color:Black or Orange

2.Least fave color:Pink

3.Color of pants:Camouflage

4.Color of shirt:Navy Blue

5.Color of fave CD: I don’t have any CDs

6.Color of dream car: Orange

7.Color that you want your mom to dye her hair: Red

8.Color of computer:White and Black

9.Color of best friends brother’s eyes: My best friend doesn’t have a brother.

10.Color of dream pet: Red, I want an Irish Setter

11.Color of phone/ipod: I have an Ipod Nano, it’s Black

12.Color of the last thing you ate: White, I had a tunafish sandwhich

13.Find what color you answered most:Black

Tag as many people as the number of letters in the color you answered most!

It think everybody I would tag has already done it, so if you haven’t done this, you can do it in my comments or comment me telling me to Tag you!

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