Meet Matt and Chris.

Two of my closest friends have moved.

You think you’d get used to it, you know. People walking in and out of your life. It’s part of life, especially that of a military kid. You move, you meet people, you love people, you leave people, you start over.  It should get easier, shouldn’t it?  The pain of separation should lessen. After all, it happens all the time. We should be used to it, right?

It doesn’t happen. That pain doesn’t lessen at all. But it’s always worth it in the end. Every time. You never regret getting close because the memories you create make the ache worth it all.

Like the time we threw a Secret Santa party and all had to dress up “Christmas-y” for it.

Or the time Cliffy and Chris and I sat in the park listening to music randomly.

Or how Matt and Gabe would take these balls of sand home and stick them in the freezer just so they could carry them back the next day to make them bigger. This lasted about 2 weeks.

Numerous bowling trips.

Many beach days.

Countless memories.

Yeah, they’ve moved across the county and are living in the big apple now. But that doesn’t mean our friendships are over. Each of us still carry these memories, even as we all grow up and continue our lives. We will never forget our good times, or the ways we have impacted one another over the last year.

They say that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

I couldn’t agree more.



So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.
- Helen Keller

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