I like superheroes.

It’s kind of a new realization for me. But for the last decade or so as superheroes have once again come into fandom, I have become increasingly aware that I get into this crazy superhero high whenever I see a new superhero movie. Unless it’s Spiderman. I never liked Spiderman. Why are they even making a new one? I was forced to see the trailer for The Lame Amazing Spiderman in the theater last night. It was pretty much just like watching it on your computer except 40 times bigger therefore 40 times more painful.

Okay it wasn’t painful. But I seriously have a desire level of approximately 0 to ever see it again. Also the actual movie.

Now that you’ve gained a firm grasp on the fact that I really don’t like Spiderman, we can move on.

Avengers!(yes there may be spoilers so don’t be stupid and read this if you haven’t seen the movie)

Yes, the hype of the entertainment world at the current moment. I could go into all the statistics and how they’ve made a quadrillion dollars or whatever but I just don’t feel like it.

What I do want to point out is that Hawkeye did not get enough spotlight. I mean come’on! He’s possibly the most awesome dude ever and what does he get? 30 seconds in Thor and then gets to spend half of the Avengers in evil mode? What?

Some may say that he doesn’t have enough character to have his own movie. These people don’t know anything. Okay, what I mean to say is that I completely disagree. They could have easily made a movie with Hawkeye and the Black Widow in it. They obviously have a past, and an interesting one at that, so seriously! Do something with the cool bow and arrow kick-butt guy! He is not GLITTER, people! You can’t just go sprinkling him into random movies.

Uh, case and point.

Second of all, I never knew how totally cool Bruce Banner is. Mark Ruffalo played an awesome Hulk. Edward Norton played in the latest Hulk movie, which I heard was pretty lame do I don’t even want to see it, but I would totally invest time in watching a Hulk movie with Ruffalo in it. He was perfect!

But one thing Dad and I noticed was that when he first went crazy he tried to attack everyone. It didn’t matter if they were on his team or not, he was killing everyone. But at the end, he knew who was on his team and who wasn’t. Wha?

My thoughts are that he purposefully became Hulk the second time so he was more in control of himself. Even then, he socked Thor. Which was absolutely hilarious.

Iron Man, err, Stark, was a jerk. As usual.

I mean seriously, he is such a meanie. Sorry, couldn’t think of any other word to put there.

He thinks he’s better than everyone else. And to those who are like “WELL he IS!” — y’all don’t know awesomeness when it’s wielding a bow and arrow on a 30ft wide screen right in front of your FACE.

Okay Iron Man is fairly cool but really, if anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. had played that part, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

But he did it perfectly, adding a nice touch of humor where needed.

Then there was Hawkeye– oh wait. I already talked about him.


Next is Thor, who was just as awesome in The Avengers as he was in his own movie. Out of the Marvel movies I’ve seen, Thor was definitely the best one. I LOVED Thor. It was just such a great story. And even though he’s evil, I really liked Loki as well. Both of the brother had such deep character — I loved it! And they were just as good in The Avengers.

And Captain America! Dunduhduhduh! While I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, I really liked Captain America in The Avengers. He was pretty much the dude with sound reason in the group. He was so cool.

And last and also least, the Black Widow, who was cool but not that cool. I mean, I think her and Hawkeye could make a good movie together. But alone, she was just assassin-y cool.

All in all, it was a pretty dang awesome movie. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait until the next one comes out, along with Thor 2(2013) and Captain America 2(2014).

Overall, superheroes are pretty cool. And just plain heroes because technically Hulk isn’t a superhero or something.

Also, anyone find it funny that Captain Marvel is a DC character? Hehe wait wha?

Yeah it’s confusing. Doesn’t really make any sense.

Also, if only Batman was Marvel. Then it would be so easy to say that Marvel is my favorite. But alas, DC has both Batman and the Green Arrow so I am stuck being able to not say that.

Oh well.

So. That’s it

My geek side is going back into hiding now.

Until next time.

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