Let’s talk about me.  And, no, I did not steal this from Piccola okay yes I totally stole this idea from Picco. But she had it coming because she totally stole my idea before I had come up with it or something like that. Also I’m apparently going to be marrying a charmingly misunderstood evil scientist. Yep that’s weird.

Instead of pictures of food I'm putting up random old pictures of me that I find in my mom's old blog posts. Food probably would have been a better route. Sorry people.


I drink milk. A lot of it. In fact, sometimes I get scolded for how much milk I’m drinking. Mom is always like “KAIT I just bought that gallon yesterday, why is it almost GONE?!” and then I’m all like “I was thirsty.” And then she usually throws something that me.

There will never be a time in my life where I buy a half of a gallon of milk. Even when it’s just me and my husband, I will easily go through a gallon a week.

I like milk.

I have a major dislike for ticks and leeches. I can deal with beetles, spiders(seriously, I kept a brown widow as a pet for months), bees, roaches, flies(scary, I know), etc, but put me head to head with ticks or leeches, and I feel like I’m going to puke. It’s not good. Like really. We had a leech in our back porch a few months ago and it was really grossing me out. Luckily it was disposed of. But before that…eeeyaghblah I don’t even want to think about it.



Anything under 78 degrees causes me to wear a jacket. Yep. 80 degrees and up is what I love. Also, I like getting dirty. I will totally engage in a mud fight. In fact, below is a picture of me making mud pies. Sure, that was 4 years ago but whatever. I was like 13. And I’d do it again.


I don’t do enclosed spaces. Caves. Elevators. Okay, I’ll go on an elevator but that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. I always worry about the power going out and being stuck in a black box. That would not go well for me.

I also don’t walk over grates. One of my friends makes fun of me all the time for the grate thing. Loser. He obviously doesn’t understand the danger.

Also, things that may jump out and grab me that live in sewers and under my bed.

And that’s enough things about me for one day. Here’s some food that I want to eat right now.

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