Less than a year ago when we lived in our “old” house in Turkey Oaks, the boys informed me that earlier that day the Google Maps truck had come through our culdesac and that they had chased it and waved at it and were going to be on Google Maps street view now.
You can imagine my response.

Today we sat down to complete our morning routine by watching  Rhett and Link’s GMM morning show, and as we watched it Joe and I were reminded of the event I just spoke of since this episode was about a guy caught peeing on Google Maps street view(hilarious episode you can find here).
So when we had finished watching GMM, we went to Google Maps and looked up our old street address. And what do you know.

Yes, this is our old house.
Yes. Those are 5 of my 7 siblings. Plus two of their friends.

You'll notice all the bikes in the street. Obviously we were the neatest culdesac around.


And here we have a bunch of their friends chasing the Google Maps truck. Those poor drivers. They were probably all like “OHMYGOSH we’re being chased by insane, crazed midgets! Step on it, go go GO.”

My brudders are around there somewhere, chasing it or waving or whatever. You can see Gabe in the yard running. I don’t know what he was doing.

Of course this is the, like, ONE TIME I wasn’t outside.(I was outside playing with the kids alllllll the time.)
It’s okay though because I don’t necessarily want to be on Google Maps.

And so ends the story of the famous children in Turkey Oaks.

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