The past few days have been a lot of fun. Yesterday, I grabbed Skylar and together we pulled out the Christmas stuff from our storage space. After dragging it all into the house, we proceeded to set everything up with some help from the youngersters. After an hour or so, Sky went home, and it wasn’t 10 minutes afterwards that Jack accidentally knocked our tree over. My first ornament from when I was a baby broke, along with on my dad gifted by mom a few years back. It was pretty sad. BUT at least my unicorn ornament survived. Whoo!

(Just to clear any possible confusion…that is not my unicorn ornament. That is just a random ornament that was in the right place at the right time.)

That night, Joe and I went over to Skylar’s and hung out for a few hours. After we watched the rest of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Joe and Gunnar played this NASCAR game that was entirely too boring. Sooo Sky and I just messed around with Harleigh. And then did logic puzzles. It was all cool.

Then, today, we went to the zoo for 4 1/2 hours. By the time we got out of there at 2:30, I was STARVING to DEATH. The restaurant we planned on going to ended up being to expensive, so Mom and Dad decided just to get some meat to smoke themselves(as we were at a BBQ place) and stop somewhere else on the way home. By the overwhelming consensus, we agreed on Sonic.

Also, I must say that Sonic lost some of it’s amazingness in my eyes today as the removed popcorn chicken from the menu. This made me very, very, very, very sad. BUT I still go mozzarella sticks so all was good. And it was food. That was an excellent plus since my stomach had begun eating itself in desperate need of sustenance.

So we finally got home close to 4:30 and gorged ourselves on deliciousness. It was so good…


I got some fun pictures at the zoo today. In case you read the last post about us being at the zoo…

Yeah that picture of the bird didn’t come up. BUT! Worry not. I have one for you right here.

It looks like a Griffin or something. Weird…

Anyway. Here are some other pictures I got.

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