Hey guys. Sorry, Internet was CRAZY expensive, a whole $13 dollars a day! Well, I’m back! I had a great time too! I hated riding to D.C., but it was ok riding back. I hadn’t been on a airplane in 7 years, not to mention I had had popcorn and a small thing of nachos for dinner and nothing for breakfast or lunch by 2:00. I was VERY hungry! That huge piece of pizza I had couldn’t have tasted better:)

(I will put a bunch of pics after this)
So, we went to the Museum of Natural History, that was cool.
The Smithsonian Zoo, my choice!
The Museum of Air and Space, my dad and I loved that one!
The American – Indian Museum, I didn’t really like that one.
We saw the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.
I think that’s it! It was really fun. I got to ride a Subway for the first time. wee. It wasn’t extremely fun, it was like “oh, I’m on a subway”. Nothing special. Well, I will go into it later, I know you guys want pictures, so here you go!
Pictures of the Smithsonian Zoo:
I forgot what this is, but it looks like a giant hamster!
Hippopotomus, this male weighs 7,000 pounds!
Did you snow that a hippo kills more people in a
year then any other animal, they are very territorial.
Golden Lion Tamarin
It’s a Meerkat! They are very cute and live in groups,
sometimes up to 50 can live it one group!
Pictures of the Museum of Natural History:
Here’s a vampire bat, I think.
The bones of a grey whale. Sorry, I didn’t get
very many pics here.
The Museum of Air and Space:
Airplane Engine
The cock-pit
Lunar Lander
That’s all for now! Check back later for more.
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