I have a LOVE for animals, so I thought I’d start giving info on God’s amazing animals. Today’s info is on the Caracal. I will getting most of my information out of the Wild Life Explorer pages.

The Caracal

Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae

Genus & Species: Felis caracal
Group: Mammal

Where in the world?
Occurs in arid areas and dry scrub land through out Africa
except Sahara and tropical rain forest; also in eastern
Mediterranean countries, coastal areas of Arabian
Peninsula and southwestern Asia.

Did you know?
Indian rulers once bet on how
many birds a pet caracal could
kill in a blow?


It’s hunting prowess and wide range of prey have enabled
the caracal to exploit vast expanses of arid scrub, including
thicket-studded Savannah and thorn bush woodland. This
cat occurs on rocky formations and outcrops as long as it has
good hunting grounds and cover.
The caracal is still hunted for it’s beautiful fur
and it’s meat in West and Centeral Africa.
In Africa and Namibia where it preys on livestock,
thousands are killed each year by farmers, and
some local populations have disappeared.
In places where natural competitors have been
wiped out, the species is spreading

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Hope you enjoyed it!
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