Remember that post I wrote a lonnnng time ago in 2009? The 100 Things About Me? (P.S. That post is totally embarrassing now so don’t read it. Oh great, now you’re going to go read it. Thanks.)

Well, I’ve finally done it.


This is Stark and Oliver. They’re my new pets. Everybody in the family thinks they’re the coolest thing ever, especially, surprising us all, Jesse. He even asked to pet one and did it when I gave him the okay. He calls them Rabbits.

“Hey Rabbits! Come here! Aww look at da rabbits!”

What? No I don't like reading or music. What gave you that idea?

It’s very adorable.



This one is Oliver.


This one is Stark.

In case you couldn’t tell, they’re named after superheroes.

Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) and Tony Stark(Iron Man).

Lucy finds them to be quite cute, also.

They’re already quite at home and love climb all over me, especially Oliver who enjoys playing in my hair.

Anywho, these are them. They’re so cool! I’m very happy to have them added to my collection of animals. ;)

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